Zelensky attacked the spacing after customs, but ran into the answer: “Stick yourself all your…”

Зеленского атаковали после разноса таможенников, но нарвались на ответ: "Засуньте себе все ваши..."

The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky has undergone a massive network attacks

The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky has vowed to fight smuggling in the Transcarpathian region and other regions of the country. He said this during the presentation of the new head of the Transcarpathian regional state administration Igor Bondarenko is appointed the day before. The network immediately began to actively discuss what he said and how I behaved. News line on Facebook crammed with these headings: “Zelensky sausage”, “Zelensky drank a lot of water”, “Zelensky was rocking on a chair”, “Probably cocaine from Colombia by plane brought”, “Well, you chose a clown? Help! Shame!”.

This drew the attention of the people’s Deputy Semyon Semenchenko on his page in Facebook.

Зеленского атаковали после разноса таможенников, но нарвались на ответ: "Засуньте себе все ваши..."

He expressed his own opinion and said that if SBU really will put things in order at customs, he as the citizen of Ukraine, permits the President even flips-mortelle. Directly to meetings. Allowed to drink the water glasses, as well as from the tank and to do so even with the bike.

“Relax in the moment from the contemplation of “he drinks water” and read the transcript of the meeting. And then Google the size of smuggling in Ukraine. Not that that smuggling a few cartons of cigarettes. And about the smuggling system. Trains, ships, columns. I know what I am talking about hundreds of billions. Every year. This is another budget. At least. A small fraction of which were in the pocket of hacks and commanders of botafirm”, — Semenchenko writes.

Зеленского атаковали после разноса таможенников, но нарвались на ответ: "Засуньте себе все ваши..."

He claims that now a day the attention of Ukrainians are trying to distract from the extent of the theft and of the names involved. And get like fools to giggle over the pictures with their comments. Instead of trying to start to live in a normal, prosperous country. This is the money for the army, roads and modernization of the country, for social benefits to people:

“Bring on the custom order — a lot of time is not necessary. To cut the channel bribes at the top and give the command of the SBU to stop being a roof. The result (if it is) we should see in a very short period of time. In view of the disappearance of queues at customs, arrests, budget, serious amounts. I’m waiting for the result. And while I’m waiting, shove all your articles … you know where. Because of these false snouts sausage is not only Zelensky. Sausage whole country”, — summed up Semenchenko.

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