Zelensky an ultimatum to Putin: “For weeks you have…” Surfaced detail, the valve is twisted

Ультиматум Зеленского Путину: «На протяжении недели вы должны…» Всплыли детали, вентиль закручивается

The Ukrainian President should not wait for “another dirty trick” from Vladimir Putin, and begin to actively act in connection with the events in the Donbas and the occupation of the Crimea

This opinion was expressed by the former Deputy of the state Duma Konstantin Borovoy, answering questions from Internet users, he posted a video with the answers to his YouTube channel.

The politician believes that the newly elected President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky need to issue an ultimatum to his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin:

“…the ultimatum that Zelensky has to present Russia, Putin, even an ultimatum not to call, not to scare anyone, within weeks to leave the territory of Crimea and Eastern Ukraine or is a state of war,” — said Borovoy.

Ультиматум Зеленского Путину: «На протяжении недели вы должны…» Всплыли детали, вентиль закручивается

According to the former Deputy of the state Duma of the Russian Federation, Ukraine could make Russia’s economic blockade:

“This period, stop all economic relations well, since the war, and the valve thickens and the oil and the gas valve is twisted until something depends on Ukraine”.

He added on the support of Ukrainians:

“And appeal to all European States to support Ukraine in its economic blockade of the state, an aggressive intruder to neighboring countries — Georgia, Moldova, Latvia is not yet, but there are some hints of this were not yet Finland, but also had some hints… politics, you need not wait for the next shit from Putin, and to pursue a policy…”.

We will remind, Vladimir Zelensky has ruined the plans of Vladimir Putin in the Donbas.

Ukrainian journalist Ivan Yakovina called significant obstacle for Russia in the capture of Donbass. According to him, residents love Vladimir Zelensky will destroy the plans of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The humorist win the presidential election has provoked a strong reaction of the Russians. The author says that now the residents of Donbas not to intimidate the Ukrainian President. Because they well know Vladimir Zelensky, who all this time was giving people only positive emotions.

“Today in the transfer said that the residents “DLNR” physically can’t be afraid of Zelensky. They know it inside out! They love it! He, like them, spoke in Russian almost do not know Ukrainian, he’s always making fun of the fact that they are funny, he is from the working quarters of Krivoy Rog. No amount of propaganda can make it so that the local people began to perceive him as a real threat to his life”, — said Ivan Yakovina.

Ультиматум Зеленского Путину: «На протяжении недели вы должны…» Всплыли детали, вентиль закручивается

The journalist added that the President of Russia should be afraid of the popularity of Vladimir Zelensky on uncontrollable Kiev territories. After all, the residents of Donbass can suddenly rethink their position and spot enemies right next door. When frightening “Bandera” is no more — it is beginning to frighten the gunmen.

“For Putin, I think, is a very serious problem. His own goons in the Donetsk and Lugansk cause the population much more fear and resentment than the new President “the enemy” of Ukraine.

Recall that “Donbass is Ukraine!”: Zelensky have responded harshly to Putin to issue Russian passports.

As reported Politeka, Tsymbalyuk has revealed real plans of Putin Zelensky: “Wait until the inauguration.”

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