Zelensky after Putin called the Makron from Erdogan: what happens

Зеленский после Путина позвонил Макрону от Эрдогана: что происходит

Vladimir Zelensky held telephone talks with French President

The President of Ukraine urgently held a telephone conversation with President of France Emmanuel Macron, this is the Official Internet representation of the President of Ukraine:

“During the conversation informed his French counterpart about the deaths of four Ukrainian troops in the shelling in the Donbass. Noted that this is not the first attack from the enemy, which aims breakdown of the peace process, initiated by the Ukrainian side. Said Emmanuel macron to other steps aimed at peaceful settlement of the conflict in the East of Ukraine, in particular on the rehabilitation of infrastructure, the exchange of prisoners, etc.”

Зеленский после Путина позвонил Макрону от Эрдогана: что происходит

Furthermore, it is known that Vladimir Zelensky said the French leader about his conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin this morning, during which he called for the implementation of obligations under the cease-fire, the return of the sailors and other prisoners.

The President of Ukraine called upon the leaders of the Norman Quartet to urgently get together to save the peace process:

“Emmanuel Macron expressed full support for the initiative of Ukraine and agreed with the need for the summit in the near future, preceded by a meeting of the official representatives of all four parties,” the statement reads.

Emmanuel macron also added that he would contact the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and Federal Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel to coordinate this initiative.

Recall now Vladimir Zelensky is with official visit in Turkey. So during a speech in front of the Crimean Tatar community in Turkey on 7 August the President of Ukraine said that the Russian-occupied Crimea will be back in the States. The President also thanked the Ukrainian community in Turkey for their support of the state.

Zustrich of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Selenskogo s predstavnicima ukraïnskoï krymskotatarskoj communities Turecko Republic

Posted by Ops of the President of Ukraine on Wednesday, August 7, 2019

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Earlier the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky said that he intends to urgently call a meeting with the President of France Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The head of state said at a briefing on Wednesday, August 7, in Kiev. The negotiations must relate to the date of approval of the meeting, “Norman Quartet.”

“Today’s first call was to the President of the Russian Federation, the second will be in Turkey, as well as President Makron … I would also like to connect today if I get time in MS Merkel, and to arrange an urgent meeting, so we don’t tell each other that this year will be meeting in the “Normandy format”.

How many more people have to die this year? So I want this meeting took place in the near future “, — said Zelensky.

As previously reported, Vladimir Zelensky on the morning of 7 August had a telephone conversation with Vladimir Putin.

“Urgently called him, said it was bringing us closer to the world. Asked to affect the party, so they stopped killing our people, ” said Zelensky.

Zelensky said that the conversation was long.

“Long was our conversation. I say that our people are killing, and they say that there are some details where our people shooting civilians … You know, everybody says they want peace. Everybody’s talking about it, but other than words, you need to act quickly, ” — said the President of Ukraine.

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