Zaprodanets ALEKSEEV first told about the novel with the soloist of VIA gra: “Feel the soul”

Запроданец ALEKSEEV впервые рассказал о романе с солисткой ВИА Гры: "Чувствую душой"

Alekseev only fueled the rumors around the news

In April in the Ukrainian show-business began to circulate rumors that the singer Nikita Alexeev is Dating a member of the group “VIA Gra” Ulyana Sinickas, writes The reason for this was video, as the couple hugging on a yacht.

Запроданец ALEKSEEV впервые рассказал о романе с солисткой ВИА Гры: "Чувствую душой"

ALEKSEEV and Senecca decided not to comment on this situation. For the first time the singer spoke about it only during the interview for the program “Sravi way”. The corresponding video appeared on the YouTube channel.

During the meeting, Nikita commented on their attitude to the participants of “VIA gra” and tried to evasively answer a question together or not.

“Maybe, maybe not, who knows. Well, if to speak frankly, I am very, very cautious about his personal life, so I’m always so reluctant to talk about it,” explained the performer.

Recall, the new soloist of “VIA gra” had an affair with the popular Ukrainian singer

About it write the Russian mass media. They report that 23-year-old singer Uliana Snezkou, who recently joined the band “VIA gra”, were often seen in the company of a popular Ukrainian musician Nikita Alekseev (Alekseev).

The newly minted couple has been recently spotted in Venice, where they spent their time as lovers.

Apparently, the artists are communicating more since participating in the “star Factory”.

It is worth noting that these relationships can end for Sinickas big problems, because her contract forbids her to have a romantic relationship and get married while working in “VIA GRE”. The young singer joined the band to replace 28-year-old Misha Romanova, who decided to leave the project and dedicate themselves to the child.

Earlier, we wrote about the fact that the female group producer Konstantin Meladze, “VIA Gra” presented a new song in new composition.

Popular female group producer Konstantin Meladze, “VIA Gra” went through another change of participant, presented a new video — clip for the song “I love monster”, the music for which was written by Meladze and co-author of the words was a new team member Olga Megansa.

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As reported Politeka, Astafiev showed in lingerie their best poses.

Also Politeka wrote that Loboda caught in the arms with Kirkorov: “I Wanted to kiss.”