Zakharova has become a laughing stock after a big lies about the Ukraine: “Bears all Hu**W”

Захарова стала посмешищем после грандиозного вранья об Украине: «Несет всякую ху**ю»

In the Internet ridiculed the speaker of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova after the ridiculous lies about Ukraine

This was reported by blogger “Fascists Donetsk” on his Twitter page.

“Masha continues to thump”, — stated in the message.

Note that the published photo captured the word Zakharova that in Ukraine “for rewriting history I forgot the date of the end of the Second world war.” This was the reason for caustic ridicule from users of the network.

“Why last? She was hammered”, “She returned Argentine flour?”, “but they remember the start date. The correct answer is Volyn massacre”, “Mary in the morning hawthorn has pereklinilo for “victory”, “again, carries any Hu**s,” they write.

As previously reported, the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova issued another nonsense about the annexation of Crimea. Zakharov tied an optical phenomenon – a halo – occupation of the Ukrainian Peninsula.

“I will never forget how, in February-March 2014 regularly over Moscow it was possible to notice the effect of a halo around the sun when there are circles. To see is not exotic. But every day for a couple weeks, can’t remember,” wrote the odious propagandist on his page in Facebook.

“Mercury sun in double outline” – Zakharova called a regular halo around the sun.

The woman added that allegedly had more of this in Moscow, she did not notice. “I remember those days: anxious , full of inevitability, majestic. It happened in the Crimea”, – said Zakharov pathetic.

This ridiculous story has caused laughter among the users of the social network. Found, of course, the patriots, who rejoiced that “their Crimea”, but these voices were drowned in the review considered Russians. They proved high the propaganda that it is neither diplomatic nor an economic side to occupy the Peninsula from another state was not necessary.

Захарова стала посмешищем после грандиозного вранья об Украине: «Несет всякую ху**ю»

Recall that Zakharov was ridiculed for the excessive love of photoshop.

As reported Politeka, Zakharova disgraced Christmas photo: “Mustache sattsaeva”.

Also Politeka wrote that Zakharov was the victim of criticism due to a badly chosen image.