Zaitsev pinned to the wall! In a major breakthrough! Surfaced fatal mistakes that change everything

Зайцеву прижали к стенке! В деле грандиозный прорыв! Всплыли роковые ошибки, которые меняют все

One of the culprits in Kharkiv crash that killed six people, Gennady drones will appeal against the court sentence of 10 years imprisonment

This was reported by journalist Tatiana DIAC, which is closely monitoring the progress of the case. It seems that the post pinned to the wall, in fact, is brewing a major breakthrough.

The journalist noted that the lawyer Dronova Sergey Perepelitsa still have the opening of criminal proceedings according to the experts of the scientific research Institute of judicial examinations name of Bokarius, which made technical research. These are the ones that, in particular, are unable to calculate the speed of the Lexus Zaitseva, because the auto “blurry”.

The case was initiated under article “knowingly false testimony” or expert opinion. The first attempt to open the proceedings ended with that deal with it, the police instructed the investigation Department and the district, which not only does not have the appropriate knowledge to investigate, but and authority, the case was closed. And here’s the attorney Dronova has made the opening of the case through the courts.

According to her, the drone believes that during the investigation and trial and his right to defence was violated less than 12 times.

In particular, he complains of the inaction of the investigator and prosecutors.

“The examination had a lot of mistakes and did not give answers to important questions. On the basis of these examinations was drafted the indictment and the case goes to trial. Comments and petition of the lawyer of these artists were ignored and the appointment of a comprehensive examination was refused”, — the journalist claims Dronova.

He also intends to appeal the appeal that the experts were confused how many streets is the intersection at which left the drone consist of two or four, the boundaries of this intersection, drones unhappy that was not taken into account the lack of markings on the pavement.

Moreover, Dronov is not satisfied that the examination has not established who was the first to break the rules of the road — he or Zaitseva, when for him there was a danger in the form of Lexus Zaitseva and exactly when he was supposed to react to her car when she saw the Lexus, or when Zaitsev crossed the stop line of his lights and continued driving. Drones also do not understand the degree of his guilt.

Drones are unhappy that the Kharkiv experts have not specified the speed of the Lexus, citing the fact that the car Zaitseva, “blurry” and indicated that the speed of the Lexus was more than 80 km per hour. After all, the exact speed required for establishing the distance of the Lexus Zaitseva from the stop line of the traffic light and its understanding could she have time to stop at the stop line. And what could Zaitsev to avoid a collision with a car Dronova, and, consequently, a large number of victims. Drones believes that the actions of the Kharkov experts can testify to their bias, because the Dnieper experts, in contrast to Kharkiv could set the average speed of the Lexus is 106 miles per hour and pointed out that Zaitsev was able to avoid a collision.

Drones do not agree with the conclusion of the Kharkov experts, who pointed out that Zaitseva was not possible to avoid an accident. After all, the Dnieper, the experts found that Zaitsev would not have encountered the auto Dronova, if I hit the brake as soon as I saw yellow. Such a result would not only be at a speed of 60 km per hour, but when the real average speed of her car — 106 miles per hour. Drones not satisfied that the court refused the appointment of re-examination in Odessa, and was appointed as research in Kharkov to the experts, with 25 questions of counsel Dronova left only 3. And drones do not trust the examinations done in Kharkov, because in this city the father Zaitseva has a great influence.

“Drones are unhappy that the Kharkiv experts were not given a clear answer to the question was Zaitseva under the influence of drugs. But the court refused to appoint an expert examination in Kiev, though it could guarantee the impartiality of the findings,” reports DIAC.

In addition, the direction of these artists drew attention to the fact that prosecutors have not added aggravating circumstances Zaitseva, and entered her, easing through the reimbursement will potrapila losses. Although at the time of drafting the indictment was reconciliation with only 2 victims and a friend of Zaitseva, and in the case of stock generally only had one receipt from the victim.

“The experts are wrong on what light drones left at the intersection. Found that it started to yellow, and at the junction left on a red. This is contrary to the sequence diagram of the traffic light and the real circumstances. After all, the drones started to red-yellow, and on the intersection left on the green. This “mistake” was included in the indictment, prosecutors don’t see it and tried to correct at the time of the debate, which is a violation of the process. Prosecutors amended the indictment, and the judge went beyond the indictment during sentencing and, in fact, condemned Dronova for what he did,” the message reads.

Drones requires repeated research and full evaluation of evidence, and requests to declare him innocent in connection with absence of structure of a crime.

Зайцеву прижали к стенке! В деле грандиозный прорыв! Всплыли роковые ошибки, которые меняют все Зайцеву прижали к стенке! В деле грандиозный прорыв! Всплыли роковые ошибки, которые меняют все Зайцеву прижали к стенке! В деле грандиозный прорыв! Всплыли роковые ошибки, которые меняют все Зайцеву прижали к стенке! В деле грандиозный прорыв! Всплыли роковые ошибки, которые меняют все

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