“Yuzik controls”: the truth about the work of “public Servants”, these photos explain it all

«Юзик контролирует»: всплыла правда о работе «Слуги народа», эти фото объясняют все

The leadership of the parliamentary faction of the party “servant of the people” closely monitoring the MPs and monitors the results of the vote

In the first days of work of new Parliament MPs from the “public Servants” have managed to end up in a scandal with the head of state. The journalist Tatyana Nikolaenko on his page in Facebook said about why the newly elected people’s deputies literally have to violate voting rules.

“If you don’t understand why 251 most of the “Servants” cropadile, I have an alternative explanation. Deputies carefully enough control and need to explain the absence, or no vote,” she wrote.

In evidence the journalist has published a photo of the correspondence of the Deputy Oleg Seminsky during one of the sessions of the Parliament. It MP is justified for not voted for the bill.

«Юзик контролирует»: всплыла правда о работе «Слуги народа», эти фото объясняют все

“After two days of searching found material evidence. Here’s the explanation Seminsky says, shyly hiding behind a leaf from journalists, but Yuzik [Yuri Kravchenko, former actor of the Studio “Kvartal 95”, the people’s Deputy “public Servants”] control your people’s Deputy”, — says Nikolaenko.

«Юзик контролирует»: всплыла правда о работе «Слуги народа», эти фото объясняют все «Юзик контролирует»: всплыла правда о работе «Слуги народа», эти фото объясняют все

We will remind, earlier it was reported that the fraction of “servant of the people” suffered the first little fiasco in Parliament, 9th Parliament convening for the first time, failed to collect the required minimum of 226 votes “for” for decision-making

During the evening meeting, on 12 September, the deputies adopted in the first reading the bill on amendments to some legislative acts of Ukraine on safety management of roads.

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After that, the speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Dmitry Razumkov put to the vote the proposal to reduce the time of preparation for the second reading. However, this time in Parliament was not neobhodimogo for deciding number of votes. “For” vote of 223 people’s deputies, against — 14, 61 abstained.

Thus the fraction “servant of the people”, which includes member 251, gave 208 votes.

Specify that before the Verkhovna Rada adopted all decisions put to a vote. At least 226 votes in Parliament was only during the preferential voting for candidates for the position of Deputy speaker.

Recall Razumkov brought MPs to hysterics with just one word, the network leaked the photos.

As reported Politeka, the MPs have produced an unexpected blow: the details of the controversial bill.

Also Politeka wrote that “the Servant of the people” has appeared “Savchenko”, photo of the odious antics of leaking.