Yuri Shatunov was again admitted to the hospital: “I Want to say that…”

Юрий Шатунов вновь попал в больницу: «Хочу сказать, что…»

Yuri Shatunov will again be on the operating table

Dire consequences for the health of the singer have complications from the flu that he suffered.

On the state of health of the soloist popular in 90-ies band “Tender may” said the producer of the musical collective Andrey Razin on his page in social network Instagram. He said that Yuri Shatunova will have another surgery.

Юрий Шатунов вновь попал в больницу: «Хочу сказать, что…»

Prior to this it was reported that the singer was hospitalized in Moscow.

Then the artist had an operation under General anaesthesia due to the inflammation of the maxillary sinus, which became a bad cold.

Now, according to Razin, the condition of the singer, satisfactory. “It’s been a few days after surgery. And swelling subsides soon Jure will be another operation. It is associated with dental clinic, because primary disease has provoked inflammation of the channel”, – reported in social networks Razin.

He also expressed hope that all goes well and thanked the fans who worry about the state of health of a favorite artist.

“I want to say that his tour will continue,” said Razin.

Fans under the post of the producer also wished all the best Shatunova. “Health it”, “Uraaaa, we love you. You are the most beautiful and best,” “Stay,” wrote Internet commentators.

Юрий Шатунов вновь попал в больницу: «Хочу сказать, что…»

As reported earlier, Yuri Shatunov spoke for the first time after emergency admission and told the details about his condition.

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Before the concert, during a tour of Russia atunov was in the hospital. The ex-soloist of group “Tender may” was urgently hospitalized.

The incident took place in Novorossiysk. There crankset arrived to play a concert. It turned out that the reason for the hospitalization was a sudden toothache. Doctors were able to urgently assist the singer, so he did not cancel his speech.

Yuri Shatunov said that the pain was so strong that he painkillers have not helped.

“We had to contact an ambulance arrived cool girl. Quickly organized everything, was taken to the hospital, took pictures. In General, repaired and restored me. I, of course, insanely grateful to them for it, if it were otherwise, then today I wouldn’t be standing here” — from the scene said the artist.

Юрий Шатунов вновь попал в больницу: «Хочу сказать, что…»

Concert Director and producer SW confirmed that the actor really had to turn to doctors because of severe toothache.

“A few hours before the concert, in law became ill. Very sick tooth, painkillers did not help and we called the medics. Went to the hospital, dentists quickly took singer and efficiently put on a tooth filling. And did everything completely for free,” Arkady told Kudryashov.

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