Yuri Golik named six priorities for the new Parliament

Юрий Голик назвал шесть приоритетов для новой Верховной Рады

Adviser to the former head of the Dnipropetrovsk regional state administration, and nowadays the head of the program “Regional development” analytical center “Ukrainian Institute for the future” Yuri Golik in a newspaper column on the website “the Censors” “I would like the new Parliament” listed six priorities for MPs

“Unfortunately, the previous composition of the Parliament has been unable to spend any globally significant economic reforms. Mass is progressive, important and necessary laws for years gathering dust in the committees of Parliament. That individual experts have already found plenty of “explanations” — bad President, bad premiers and Cabinet, not the people. But, to be completely honest, she was Glad can do it.

Because of the mass of conflicting interests of groups of influence within the Parliament and in almost every faction. As a result, no land reform, no real major privatization, no tax or regulatory breakthrough has not happened. Three factions in the new Verkhovna Rada declares its commitment to economic reforms. What can they do?” — wrote Golik.

In his opinion, the priorities should be land reform, large-scale privatization, elimination of economic offences from the jurisdiction of the SBU and the police, protecting investors, infrastructure is a breakthrough on the level of laws and regulations and the legalization of gambling.

“Land reform is the most accessible tool of investment breakthrough. This is not particularly important what model of the land market will be selected. In any case, this will lead to the formation of a huge market with lots of players, clear asset with clear value and added value. Let’s be honest — the land market in Ukraine and so it is. But it is completely in the shade. All you need to do is legalize something that operates,” says Golik.

He also believes that most of the privatization will reduce corruption and increase the efficiency of the enterprises, and the creation of a special service of financial and economic investigations will be deprived of the SBU and the police “temptations”.

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“Every investor, coming to Ukraine today for the first time or reinvestiruet in a major project — a real hero. But every investment needs to be protected from extortion or tyranny of a regulator”, I am sure Golik.

He also believes that the new Parliament can and should make infrastructure a breakthrough at the level of laws and regulations: “we are Talking about deregulation and demonopolization of the market of transportations. If ports, roads — road and rail, airports and Aeromart will cease to be a field of corruption and monopoly, the Ukrainian economy will receive the maximum incentive effect. Besides, will accelerate the formation of a common cultural and social space. Because when from end to end of the country it is impossible to drive without losing the path of the wheels, what kind of unity can we talk?”

Finally, Golik offers to legalize casino gambling, which is now in the shade: “Let us not close our eyes and tell that the gambling business in the country there.” He is convinced that legalization will reduce the shadow economy and corruption in politics and law enforcement, will give the budgets for more taxes.