Yuri Dude one word destroyed Putin, nobody expected it: “the main issue”

Юрий Дудь одним словом уничтожил Путина, такого никто не ожидал: «главный вопрос»

Popular Russian journalist and video blogger admitted that he would have said Putin at the meeting

According to the journalist, he said, would be the same as that of the famous musician Sergei Shnurov in his program.

The works of Yuri Dude asked him to tell the head of the Kremlin Vladimir Putin, if they met. So the main question, by the way, the journalist is not just once or twice asked whom he is trailing an interview, and then posted on its YouTube channel.

Юрий Дудь одним словом уничтожил Путина, такого никто не ожидал: «главный вопрос»

Yuri Dude said that he would repeat the same word that was said by the leader of group “Leningrad” Sergey Shnurov.

The journalist stressed that the word “enough”.

Note that Yuri Dude – popular Russian videobloger, Deputy Director of publications Sports.ru. This spring, he released a documentary about the victims of Stalinist repression “Kolyma — the birthplace of our fear.” The project was harshly criticized by the authorities.

As previously reported, in the upper echelon of the FSB is seriously puzzled by the theme of preparation for removal of Putin from the Kremlin as the inevitable. This opinion was shared by the candidate of historical Sciences, historian, archaeologist and blogger Sergei Klimovsky.

“Analysts FSB absolutely correctly decided that if the uprisings and revolutions cannot be avoided, then they must themselves prepare and lead. According to them, short and fast revolution that is driven from the top, that’s exactly what two or three years will be needed to maintain power kegebistov, oligarchs and criminals in authority over Russia,” he writes.

Klimovsky also remembered the history of the USSR and pointed out that it is a continuous chain of these mini-revolutions from above. Many rulers of the country of Soviets the wave of uprisings and revolutions brought to the pinnacle of power, but many and pulled.

“Now the FSB also want to catch a wave at the moment when it will wash away the oligarchy of Putin”, — said the blogger. Therefore, the current task for the FSB to simplify this process for the environment and Putin himself, he said.

To solve this problem, the FSB uses a variety of tools, including a real “Colonel” Girkin, who is in the international search for the downed in 2014 the Malaysian passenger plane and not only because of him.

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Юрий Дудь одним словом уничтожил Путина, такого никто не ожидал: «главный вопрос»

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