Youtube channel Medvedchuk in the first place, because he does what people expect from Zelensky, Gavrilova

Youtube-канал Медведчука на первом месте, потому что он делает то, чего люди ожидали от Зеленского, - Гаврилова

“Today, a politician who wants to be successful, must be active in social networks, make your own channel on Youtube and using them to inform Ukrainians about their position”

This writes a blog on political analyst Irina Gavrilova

Irina Gavrilova noted that the President Zelensky takes only the third place among the most popular politicians of the Ukraine on Youtube.

“It should be noted that the people’s politicians, whose voters love the ears, very high levels of views — the top positions are occupied by Oleg Lyashko, Mikheil Saakashvili, Vadim Rabinovich, and, of course, the President Zelensky. However, it has only the third place in the top with more than 58 million views. He still holds the rating of its kinoperson Goloborodko”, — she wrote.

As for the popular channel, they were Youtube channel of Victor Medvedchuk, according to Gavrilov.

“The present record on the Ukrainian political u-tube site unexpectedly for many became the Chairman of political Council of party “Oppositional platform For the life of the” Viktor Medvedchuk”, — said the journalist.

“The main spectacular feature of the canal is the film Oliver stone “the Untold story of Ukraine” about the events on the Maidan. This means that viewers still care about the topic of investigation of crimes on the Maidan, the nuances of events autumn 2013-spring 2014, but more importantly, subsequent events — the loss of territories, the military conflict in the Donbass, ethnocide,” — describes the journalist’s Youtube channel Medvedchuk.

“Also, the channel regularly broadcasts performances of Medvedchuk in Ukrainian media, a meeting between the head of the political Council of the party “Opposition platform For life” with the leadership of Russia, with Western politicians,” she added.

According to Gavrilova, people like the fact that Medvedchuk does not change their beliefs in the question of peace in the Donbass, language policy relations with Russia.

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“He’s advocated direct talks with LDNR, is negotiating with Russia on reducing gas prices, best Ukrainian consumers, protects the humanitarian sector from discrimination on the basis of language,” says the journalist.

According to Gavrilova, today Medvedchuk is what to expect from the Ukrainians Zelensky, when they voted for “the demolition” of the regime Poroshenko.

“In General, doing everything that people expected from a new President when the election voted for “demolition” Poroshenko and his gang. Not surprisingly, yesterday’s voters Zelensky pereorientirovanija on a more fundamental Medvedchuk”, — concludes the journalist.

That’s why the rating Medvedchuk is growing, while support falls Zelensky, says Gavrilova.

“That’s why the rating Zelensky only for the month fell 7 %, and the level of support Medvedchuk is growing, and with it the number of views his Youtube channel – almost 75 million today,” stated political analyst Irina Gavrilova.