Your horoscope for September is the time to rise from the ashes

Ваш гороскоп на сентябрь — время восстать из пепла

It is impossible to deny how dramatic and tense was the past months.

Your horoscope for September 2018 contains light at the end of the tunnel you’ve been waiting for.

Are you ready to become a lot better? Are you ready to let go of the past and move forward? The Sep will help.

The cosmos always has a plan, and the fact that clarifying, organizing and detail-oriented Virgo season coming right after the astrological chaos proves it.

September is the time to find meaning and direction after the crash. It is time to reconsider his life and to take the necessary steps to fix it.

Nothing escapes from the detective eyes of a virgin, and this mutable sign of earth is here to help you to close the case about the source of your mental and spiritual blockages and then clear them all.

And then the season of Libra, who takes the reins from 22 September, will help you to find the beauty in any mess that remains.

Welcome to the season of Virgo. The lesson we can learn in the next few weeks, is the definition of our borders.

September also here to reduce the load on the entire retrograde baggage. In the summer it was up to seven different planets in retrograde.

Fortunately, Saturn will complete its retrograde on 6 September. Pluto will finally move straight in its dark and lonely orbit on 30 September. The life of Capricorn and Scorpio will become much easier.

And, of course, what would the Sep without his unique and powerful lunar cycle?

The new moon in Virgo September 9 will help you develop tangible and specific plans will help you outline step-by-step strategy for success.

And to reveal some of the results of your hard work, you will find the vibration of the full moon in Aries on September 24.

Although this full moon will have the influence of Saturn — contrary to the impulsive and irresistible nature of Aries and grim connection with Chiron, the revelations that you will experience are deep, soulful and, ultimately, it is extremely important to you.


Most of this month will be an incredibly productive time for you, especially with Mars, your ruling planet, which finally moves right along its orbit.

With the Sun Virgo, with your sixth house of health and working with its organizational strength, it’s the perfect time to perform all of the tasks you’ve been putting off.

Create a to-do list, which you stick to. Define your world step by step instead of rushing through everything.

However, this month also has your own full moon. Because it gets challenging energies from Saturn (planet of karma) and Chiron (the planet of vulnerability and fear), this event is sure to shake your world, allowing the trauma from your past resurface.

Whatever complex emotions, no apparent, they will help you get through the period of healing that you have been avoiding, so trust your instincts and forgive yourself, because healing is a messy process.


With the Sun Virgo, electrifying your fifth house of fun and pleasure, September will be a month of creative expression, enjoying the scent of life.

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Say Yes to exciting opportunities and don’t regret any of this. When the sun is in the fifth house, it expands your potential to experience the unlimited bouts of joy.

It also enables your mind to think more artistically and creatively, so make sure you use this genius.

But let’s not forget that Uranus — the planet of erratic changes, uprisings and revolutions — still in retrograde motion in Taurus, which makes you a Central goal of his transformative confusion.

This can lead to unexpected moments, random decisions and the need to challenge power.

Because the full moon is in your 12th house of spirituality, the changes that occur here have the power to dive deep into your unconscious, completely changing your point of view.


Mercury retrograde and its shadow period is long gone, and since this is your ruling planet, an updated perfection means the world to you.

Spending much of the month in your fourth house of family and home with the sun this month, you go back to their roots and cater to your personal world.

It’s time to get rid of awkward situations and to seek your sacred space.

However, when the full moon of Aries draws attention to your 11th house of friends and community, you can feel divorced from their sacred space and forced to deal with unknown territories and social situations.

Perhaps your circle of friends on newfound you.

Maybe you will attract a new community of people. Pay attention to what people tell you about themselves. Should you trust them? Should You spend time with them?


With analytical and logical Virgo sun is shining in the spotlight of your third house of communication, this month we are talking about unraveling your thoughts and clear expression.

Then you should use your poetic voice. This is when you need to write down every brilliant idea that comes into your head.

You need someone to talk to? There are things that you want to Express? September is the time.

Because the Moon, your ruling planet, you are still unable to recover from the effects of the longest total Eclipse of the century, especially because it lit a fire in your eighth house of rebirth and reincarnation.

This month’s full moon in Aries will illuminate your 10th house of career, showing you that the process of your rebirth involves a closer look at your efforts so far. You work for your dreams? Are you brave enough? Ask yourself these difficult questions.



You are probably devastated that the season of the Lion dominated retrogrades and eclipses.

However, the difficulty of your solar return reflects only growth that you will experience in the next year.

With the Sun Virgo, motivating your second house of Finance and self-assessment, September is the perfect month to focus on your income and understand how to surround themselves with wealth and security that you want.

It’s time to build a world of luxury and comfort for yourself.

With a fire sign full moon in Aries, sparkling in your ninth house of knowledge and philosophy, you will feel designed to appeal to how much culture do you absorb in this life.

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This is the moment when you should think, whether not too long you stayed in his comfort zone. If so, now is the time to conquer your fears.


You feel fully involved in their talents and capabilities. The energy in the air is organized, efficient and detail-oriented as you like.

At the time of your solar return is the time to revel in all that makes you amazing and all that you have achieved so far.

It is also a time to think about how to break the habits that kept you and prepare for an even more fulfilling year.

Full moon in Aries will free the demons and force you to reckon with a part of your life that no longer works for you.

Stirring ripples of change through your eighth house of rebirth, remember that something must first die to be reborn.

Let the strange feelings that this full moon is dragging of you to help you recover much more bright future. You can’t look forward when the chain holding you.


Another great month you Shine. By the end of the month, Venus, mercury and the Sun will be in Libra, making this a time when your aura shimmers and shines attractive energy.

The Virgo sun lights up your 12th house of spirituality, your imagination will absorb as much good energy from the outside world, strengthening your mentality and rearranging all your chakras.

Enjoy it while it lasts, because Venus, your ruling planet, is in retrograde next month.

When the full moon in Aries inserts a revelation in your seventh house of partnerships (your ruling house), it is likely that you are either closer to someone you love, or drifting further away from someone important to you.

Don’t let your fears control your decisions and don’t let the past cast a shadow on your relationship in the present. Make sure you see things from a clear perspective.


Time to exhale all the stress you carried, because Mars (your ruling planet) is officially out of retrograde status.

You can already feel how simpler? Clarifying with the sun Virgo, pour energy into your 11th house of community, you can now communicate with others more productive and healthy way. In

Time to reorganize your social life and plan to communicate with new people. Trust the Universe, because You won’t regret it.

Pluto is still in retrograde until the 30th of September, time to clean up the tail and to conquer your fears.

With the full Moon of Aries in the sixth house of health and detoxification, you will understand, that does not give their health adequate attention. Perhaps there are bad habits, which you should get rid of.


To the extent that, as a logical and analytical the Sun in Virgo will revamp your 10th house of career and reputation, you enter the period when your goals are great, and they’re all that’s on your mind.

Ask yourself what you need to bring yourself one giant step closer to achieving your dreams.

Since Virgo is more than able to execute plans, act contrary to their instinct to not take responsibility and make some major steps.

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When difficult full moon of Aries will shed light on your fifth house of pleasure, You will also ask yourself what you are sacrificing to pursue their dreams.

Do you love the path that you chose? You want to enjoy the present moment instead of focusing on the past or the future? Life is short, and if you’re not happy, what’s the point?


Finally Mars retrograde in Capricorn was over. Now you can use the intense energy that comes with Mars in your first house.

With the Sun Virgo, he invests his power in your ninth house of adventure and philosophy, you will expand your awareness and run for horizons at the speed of light.

Let yourself be guided by surprise and enlightenment, because it leads you to wonderful places.

However, when a fiery full moon in Aries will trigger differences in your fourth house of family and core values, you will be forced to reckon with the problems at home, who had long waited its appearance.

Are there problems with family members that need to be addressed? You feel safe at home? What are you trying to avoid?

I know it’s the questions nobody wants to ask. But in the end, they need to answer.


If you still feel the effects of this full moon Eclipse in Aquarius, it’s not a coincidence.

This insanity permeates deeply into your life, and you will feel the effects over the next six months.

When the full moon of Aries will ignite the flame in your third house of communication, you are forced to identify and Express testimony, and the changes that flow through your mind. Some will be dark. Some of them are easy to do.

Fortunately, clarifying the sun Virgo is here to help you with the process of transformation. Organizing and cleaning your eighth house of reincarnation, you are a Phoenix rising from the ashes under the leadership of a virgin.

This zodiac sign is known for its ability to perform one task after the other, so it is important to look at your healing and your progress in this way.

Be proud of yourself for doing something better than before. Proud of your journey.


This full moon in Pisces, which brought down their cosmic energy on our world, probably sent you to a new and rejuvenating way.

Continue to follow your intuition, because as the analytical Virgo sun brings you even closer to your heart through Your seventh house of partnerships, you know who to reveal himself and whom to let go.

You are a sensitive sign, your emotional attachment is what you need to remember.

Chiron, the planet of fear, insecurity and, most importantly, healing is in retrograde motion and this month she will return to the sign of Pisces.

This will probably cause some problems in your past to allow you to be reborn and defeat that was scary.

When the full moon of Aries will open up your second house of Finance and security, you will be forced to overcome anything that threatened you, ultimately showing your fears who’s the boss.

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