“Your children will not be mother”: in Exactly the major threatened the journalist with death after accident (VIDEO)

«У твоих детей не будет мамы»: в Ровно мажор пригрозил журналистке расправой после аварии (ВИДЕО)

Exactly Andrew Businesskey, the son of the former head of the regional labour Inspectorate Michael Businesslogo, in a state of extreme intoxication has rammed the car. On the question of the journalist of channel UA: Exactly the accident the driver was threatened.

This was announced by the indignant journalist Irina Beletskaya in Facebook.

“The man whose car he drove, passing the intersection on a red traffic signal, says the car can not be restored”, – wrote in Facebook Beletskaya. It turned out that a drunk driver is Andrew Businessi.

I ask Andrew what he had consumed alcohol or drugs. Andrew said that alcohol and drugs. And Andrew said that he would be released, and to me (Khan). Says will give a few dollars to the guys, they’ll kill me,
– talked about the conversation the journalist.

And to the question “do you think You are not” Businesskey said, “No, I don’t think, I think your head today will break and you will be until tomorrow at least a corpse. Your children will not be mom.”

She also noted that Businesslogo seized driver’s license. He was not in possession of registration certificate for the car, and most of it is already the fourth time issue under article 130 of the Art (Management of vehicles or vessels by persons in a condition of alcoholic, narcotic or other intoxication).

In a press-service of the patrol police noted that the driver’s blood was set to 2.14 ppm alcohol. From examination of the presence of drug intoxication, the driver refused.


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