Young parents lost the baby on the way from the hospital: details

Молодые родители потеряли ребенка по пути из роддома: подробности

The couple, returning home after the hospital where newly born their second child, managed to lose the baby

Parents simply forgot it in the taxi.

Mother, father and their eldest child was driving home from the hospital with the baby in a taxi. The taxi driver stopped at the named addresses family car, the couple paid and left, and forgot the baby in the back seat.

Молодые родители потеряли ребенка по пути из роддома: подробности

A few minutes later, they realized what happened and tried to catch a taxi, but it never happened.

The driver did not notice the forgotten passenger in the cabin and went to lunch, leaving crumbs in the car. Then he took the order, and the next passengers found in the car a surprising discovery.

The taxi driver immediately called the police. Law enforcement officers took the baby to the clinic, where it is carefully examined.

At this time, police found the parents and the newborn was returned to them safe and sound.

As we wrote earlier, the incredible case of the aircraft occurred in Saudi Arabia. There’s a plane made a u-turn during the flight and returned to the airport, from which flew.

Flying from Saudi city of Jeddah in the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur started out fine. However, when the plane gained altitude, the flight attendants asked the anxious passenger. She told me that their child forgot at the airport.

The captain of the aircraft spoke to air traffic controllers and the plane was allowed to return to Jeddah.

How the mother is one that passes all the checks and got on the plane without her baby and why she did not mention it before, not reported.

Also recall that little son of a Prince Harry and Meghan Markle was honored to have his name called a new variety of chrysanthemum.

In the UK capital every year is a large-scale exhibition of flowers Сhеlsеа Flоwer Shоw. The Royal family deems it necessary to visit this bright and beautiful event. The exhibition organizers present to the public a new variety of colors and give him the name of one of the members of the Royal family.

Молодые родители потеряли ребенка по пути из роддома: подробности

This year the flower show they had successfully born the first child of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

On a new variety of colors experts conjured several months. Chrysanthemum has lemon color.

Recall that a birthday party in Krivoy Rog ended in disaster, the child suffered a bullet ricocheted right in the face.

As reported Politeka, a woman beat an orphan with a hammer and a stool: “a bloody child didn’t come home.”

Also Politeka wrote that the child burned his entire family: the details of the terrible incident.