Young beauty mysteriously disappeared at the airport: a record from the cameras affects

Юная красавица таинственно исчезла в аэропорту: запись с камер видеонаблюдения поражает

In Moscow has lost a well-known Abkhazian tennis player

As it became known, at Vnukovo airport in Moscow has lost a famous 14-year-old tennis player from Abkhazia. Law enforcement bodies of Abkhazia ask all concerned to help find her. A message appeared on the page in Facebook.

Юная красавица таинственно исчезла в аэропорту: запись с камер видеонаблюдения поражает

It is known that Eric kvarchia studying in Samara school of Olympic reserve. It already has great achievements in tennis activities, many are predicting her a great future in sport. But recently she went missing at the airport and on her whereabouts no one knows anything.

A week ago she took first place at the tournament in Sochi and fulfilled the standard of master of sports of Russia on table tennis.

18 Sep Erika last time you flew from Samara to Moscow and on arrival stopped communicating with family and friends. But I think the crime here is no camera Vnukovo airport was depicted as Eric embraces the unknown young man (later revealed that she was texting some stranger in the VC a few weeks).

Abkhazian law enforcement bodies have addressed for the help to the Moscow colleagues, but yet to locate the athlete failed.

It is known that sports girl is already engaged for four children. She shared their plans about what he wants to achieve maximum results in this field.

Earlier it was reported that in Minsk miraculously found a girl who disappeared twenty years ago. To reunite the family helped the girl’s boyfriend, who found her parents. The girl met them, but chose to remain in foster care.

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