You’ll be sitting for crimes against Ukraine, the veterans of the regiment “Azov” appealed to Poroshenko

Ты будешь сидеть за преступления против Украины, - ветераны полка "Азов" обратились к Порошенко

To put Petro Poroshenko promised the veterans of the regiment “Azov” in his video

“Peter, you are addressing the three residents of Azov, volunteers who never leave you alone. We will bring your case to the end and you will sit for crimes against the nation, against the army and against Ukraine,” said a veteran of the regiment “Azov” Oleg Tolmachev, transfer “Ukrainian news”.

The network spreads the video of the veterans of the “Azov”, among them — Dmitry Kukharchuk, Oleg Tolmachev and Nikita Makeev. “The Oleg Tolmachev, who didn’t shake hands with Petro Poroshenko at the Invictus Games. The same Dmitry Kuharchuk that drove Peter from Cherkassy. The same Nikita Makeev, who several days ago tried to hand Peter Alekseevich hole in his vest, but from which Peter just ran away”, — is spoken in the video.

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“Zelensky promised that I would put Peter in jail for the theft of Ukroboronprom. Today we do not see. So if you do not Zelensky, if you do not, the current government — we will do it,” said a veteran of the regiment “Azov” Dmitry Kukharchuk.

We will remind, on July 25 in Kiev, Nikita Makeev jumped on the car of Petro Poroshenko. Subsequently, the veteran “Azov” in his video he explained that he wanted to give defective bronzell Poroshenko. August 12 should be re-interrogation of Petro Poroshenko in the RRG.