“You were adopted?”: the teacher assaulted the child because of appearance

"Ты приемная что ли?": учительница набросилась на ребенка из-за внешнего вида

Another school scandal became public knowledge

It is no secret that there are graduates of pedagogical institutes, who went there to study at the whim of the parents, or simply because remained, but more to go nowhere. Those who hates children, and is ready to tear them all their anger and dissatisfaction with life. These cannot be calculated in time, and unfortunately, they often break the soul and the fate of the children, hanging them numerous complexes and psychological trauma.

One case of gross immorality and uneducational behavior happened in a Russian school – there haven’t been simmering scandal over a teacher who harshly insulted a little girl by the hole in the sweater.

It happened in the Sakhalin region in Chelm school No. 1 All local media “raised ears.” A woman who teaches Russian language and literature (just not dare to call her teacher)in a rough picture scolded the girl because of her clothes. In particular, a teacher of Russian language and literature noticed a small hole in the jacket and decided to go to the person in contact with the child.

“You have parents? Is. They do adequate? And you’re adequate? I see that there is. You were adopted or something? I have something incredible you ask? It is now normal. What are you crying for?”, — asked the teacher to the girl.

"Ты приемная что ли?": учительница набросилась на ребенка из-за внешнего вида

Because of the harsh words the girl burst into tears, the teacher advised her “not to make here a fit”.

Local media noted that the incident at school caused a scandal among the parents. It is known that the school parent meeting was held, the results of which a teacher held a preventive conversation.

In the end, blame for the scandal has apologized to the parents and the child.

"Ты приемная что ли?": учительница набросилась на ребенка из-за внешнего вида

Also earlier it was reported that in the Podolsk district of Kiev, the students slipped the soup with unusual animals. At school No. 271, on the street Moscicki, 21, in the Podolsk district of Kiev to the students at lunch had the soup with worms. About it in the group “Husbandman” in Facebook said the mother of one of the children Tatyana Kuznetsova.

“The horror! New Ukrainian school! New protein diet? School 271! How to prosecute?”, — she wrote. The woman said that her son took a picture of the food in the dining room were fed high school students.

Members of the group began to actively comment on the news, and their just indignation knew no bounds. One mom even wrote her a coward when she imagines that her baby ate the soup.

We will remind, scandal in the Lviv school.

As reported Politeka, Ukrainian schoolchildren were forced to learn the language of invaders, booming scandal.

Also Politeka wrote about the scandal in the Ukrainian school children forced to sing “Katyusha” and look at Putin.