You need to see this. Humanoid robot demonstrates in the video the wonders of parkour

Scientists have created a robot parkourist.

Ви повинні це побачити. Людиноподібний робот демонструє на відео чудеса паркуру

The makers of the famous two-legged and four-legged robots, Boston Dynamics showcased its new robot, Atlas, informs Rus.Media.

Atlas robot from Boston Dynamics can jump and overcome obstacles. Atlas runs, jumping over a log, and then climbs on top placed at different heights of the obstacles located at a distance from each other.

The developers report that the software which controls the robot, uses his body – hands, legs, and torso in order to distribute the energy and power of jumping over a log and ladder.

Atlas uses digital video to determine his location on the ground, and given visible markers to move through the space.

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