You need to eat each day found a product that extends the life

Нужно есть каждый день: найден продукт, который продлевает жизнь

Scientists have conducted extensive research to find out how does this product health

According to experts, regular consumption of cheese may help prolong its life. To such conclusion experts from the canadian McMaster University in the study, which was attended by 130 000 people aged 35 to 70 years from 21 countries of the worlds.

The researchers divided participants into two groups: the first consumed dairy products with low fat content, the second with the usual.

Нужно есть каждый день: найден продукт, который продлевает жизнь

It was found that consuming more than two servings of processed cow’s milk per day helped to significantly reduce the risk not only of risk but also cardiovascular disease. Thus, similar results were observed in people who not only milk or yoghurt but also cheese.

In subjects who daily drank less than half servings of dairy products, the mortality rate as a whole grew by 44.4%.

According to Professor nutritionist from the British University of reading Ian Givens, the study is vital to change public perception of dairy products. And with it, scientists hope to modify traditional views on daily diet.

“This study proves that saturated fats from dairy products (with the possible exception of oil) are not associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, unlike some other products,” — said Givens.

One of the authors of the experiment Mahshid Dehghan says that we should not exclude dairy products from their diet simply because they contain a lot of natural fats.

“The number of potentially beneficial compounds, including certain amino acids, saturated fats, natural TRANS fats, vitamin K1/K2 and calcium. And some of these substances can then be subjected to fermentation, or may contain probiotics, many of which also affect health,” — said the expert.

Нужно есть каждый день: найден продукт, который продлевает жизнь

Of course, these findings need additional research and evidence to understand exactly why dairy products bring so many benefits for health, but tonight we can rest easy knowing that the extra cheese pizza really is good for your health.

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