“Yes, what’s your country”: Zelensky got into a fight over Ukraine

«Да какая там ваша страна»: Зеленский полез в драку из-за Украины

The winner of the presidential elections, Vladimir Zelensky beat a man during a foreign tour

During a concert of the Studio “Kvartal 95” in Germany there was a very unpleasant story. The showman told the details of the unexpected fight during an interview with Ukrainian journalist Dmitry Gordon.

During the interview surfaced, the incident of Germany. Dmitry Gordon asked the guest to explain what happened. Vladimir Zelensky said that he could not endure the coarse insults on the part of the viewer:

«Да какая там ваша страна»: Зеленский полез в драку из-за Украины

“I just, I began to dismiss his hands, this is not the path for everyone. But there are times when you wipe their feet, and not just about you,” said the comedian. He recalled that the team had two sell-out in Berlin. The performance of “Quarter 95” gathered in the hall a lot of people. Artists warned that the entire program is devoted to Ukraine, but it did not save them from scandal. The stumbling block, according to Vladimir Zelensky, was the song “Rodina”.

“When I said we want to sing a song about our country, then someone in the hall shouted: “what your country…”, and I think there was even a Russian flag. It is clear that it was provocation, I said humanly, they say, you know, where he came on the show and you know who we are. There will be no boasting is the Kremlin, Yes, it’s humor, but we have a lot of politics — it’s sharp, it’s Ukrainian,” — said the showman during the interview.

«Да какая там ваша страна»: Зеленский полез в драку из-за Украины

As it turned out, after the arrogant remarks the audience continued to interfere with the comedians performing on stage. After the next phrase in the address of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky flared up and personally went to the offender:

“He kept talking, said something nasty about Ukraine — and I went to the gym to punch him in the face, and the people it ruled. Everyone realized that I ran into the room, saw it all, and after a while this began,” he described the leader of “95 Quarter”.

In the end, Vladimir Zelensky asked the opponent to go to the concert. But he did not want to leave the room, stating that he bought the ticket. Showman tried to bring the man himself out, but he did other viewers. “What can I say, we have to do to protect your rights, yourself as you can,” summed up comedian in conversation with Dmitry Gordon.

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