“Yes. I stay”: Suprun made a loud statement that will change everything

«Да. Я остаюсь»: Супрун сделала громкое заявление, которое изменит все

Former acting Minister of health Suprun told about their plans for the future

Suprun said that she is going to continue to work in Ukraine.

Ulyana Suprun for the past couple of weeks is not the acting Minister of health. All of the cases she and her team of reformers gave to the new Minister Zoryane Skalecki. However, Suprun did not intend to leave Ukraine, nor even to throw the begun business. She stated this in an interview Lb.ua.

«Да. Я остаюсь»: Супрун сделала громкое заявление, которое изменит все

Mrs. Juliana promises that Ukrainians will be able to social network Facebook to read her sparkling, educational records.

“Yes. I stay at home in Ukraine”, – said Suprun.

She added that she will continue to engage and support the reform of Ukrainian health care.

“I will continue to support the transformation of healthcare. Already not from within the Ministry and externally,” said Suprun.

She also said that his team is going to develop its communication platform. “I also want to create an analytical centre, which will deal with the topic of health care,” said acting head of the Ministry of health of Ukraine.

Ulyana Suprun added that she and the people who worked with her in the Ministry, rest. “And then we will work. I think that this experience that we have gained over the last 3 years together, needs to be maintained,” she added.

Also Suprun targeted on the law enforcement system. She explained her decision, “Because if it doesn’t work, the country cannot run almost anything, including in medicine.”

«Да. Я остаюсь»: Супрун сделала громкое заявление, которое изменит все

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As we wrote earlier, Suprun criticized the work of the team of President Vladimir Zelensky.

The discontent it expressed on his page in Facebook.

“After coming to power, Vladimir Zelensky has announced more publicity. The President promised a new format of communication with journalists. But interviews give colleagues from the movie, not the journalists, and the government meeting closed to the press and even for the broadcast,” wrote former clerk.

According to her, all meetings should be public, and such actions are a direct way to work effectively, and to dictatorship.

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