Yelled and closed the door. Hero ATO severely humiliated marshrutchiki. In combat, lost a leg and vision

Наорал и закрыл дверь! Героя АТО жестко унизил маршрутчик. В бою потерял ногу и зрение

The driver rudely refused servicemen disabled in the legal benefits

3 may under Khmelnytsky broke out a powerful scandal, details of which reports the edition “E”. Marshrutchiki on the flight “Starokostiantyniv — Kamenetz-Podolsk” refused to carry a veteran of the anti-terrorist operation Alexander Marmarosa.

A badly wounded man told reporters that he wanted his wife to go from Khmelnytsky to parents in dunaivtsi. The couple went to the bus station where I asked the driver of the van, whether in the cabin free space. According to Alexander Marmarosa, realizing that he is addressed ligotti, marshrutchiki yelled, slammed the door and drove on.

Наорал и закрыл дверь! Героя АТО жестко унизил маршрутчик. В бою потерял ногу и зрение

“To say that it’s insulting is to say nothing. I paid for the Ukraine leg and vision, why should I deprive myself of basic benefits that assures me the law?” — troubled veteran. It is worth noting that the driver can be punished with a fine in the amount of 170 hryvnia. But Alexander Armoros’t want to complain to the authorities. Because in the past many complaints have remained unanswered.

According to the veteran, transportation of preferential categories of the population need to be addressed at the state level. Now the law works with the big scratch. Alexander Armoros offered to give money for travel by ligottian. They should not have to grovel in front of the drivers, and get into humiliating situations.

Наорал и закрыл дверь! Героя АТО жестко унизил маршрутчик. В бою потерял ногу и зрение

The chief of regional management of Ukrtransagent Vitaliy Dzyuba said that he knew about the controversial incident. But can’t respond, because not received an official complaint from the victim. Only with such a document, the officials may check the legality of the actions of the driver and punish him for proven violations.

It’s worth noting that Alexander Armoros served as second Lieutenant of the 8th regiment of special purpose. March 25, 2016 it was hurt by a landmine during the execution of tasks in Luhansk region. In the end, the veteran became blind and lost her left leg to the knee. He was treated in the United States. And in 2018 was selected to participate in the 43rd Marathon, the U.S. marine corps.

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