“Yanukovych’s return to Kiev,” the Kremlin has issued a controversial plan to seize Ukraine

«Януковича вернуть в Киев»: в Кремле выдали скандальный план по захвату Украины

Vladimir Zhirinovsky has issued new plans for the “liberation” of Ukraine

One of the key roles they played fugitive Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych

Controversial Russian politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky decided the original way to get rid of Yanukovych. Zhirinovsky proposes the former head of the Ukrainian state sent home on a tank. A brilliant idea was voiced in a Telegram-channel leader of the liberal democratic party.

«Януковича вернуть в Киев»: в Кремле выдали скандальный план по захвату Украины

“In Ukraine, we repeat the mistakes of Afghanistan”, – said Zhirinovsky. In his opinion, the Soviet Union sent troops to the Eastern countries and “stuck there.” According to Russian policy, the end result of this is negative.

Zhirinovsky believes that Russia is in Ukraine repeats the same mistakes. He believes “the return” of the Crimea is correct, but, in his opinion, ought to bring everything to the end.

“I would the whole of Ukraine was liberated. Yanukovych on the tank would be planted and drove to Kiev. And in the liberated capital, he announced on the reunification of Ukraine with Russia”, – gave their ideas Zhirinovsky.

The scandalous politician has “passed” Putin wrote that Russia “got” in the Donbass and died there 13 thousand Russians. While Zhirinovsky, intentionally or not, called those killed in the war of Ukrainians by Russians.

“I absolutely agree! You cannot be a little pregnant! The people of Donbass quietly ofigevayu from our incompleteness…”, “Well, I told you that there are no Russians in Eastern Ukraine. It is time to stop unnecessary war in Eastern Ukraine…”, “what exactly do you need now?”, “Ukraine itself has chosen the path,” commented fancy Zhirinovsky Russians.

«Януковича вернуть в Киев»: в Кремле выдали скандальный план по захвату Украины

Earlier we wrote that Vladimir Zhirinovsky hopes that Kiev will soon be occupied by Russian troops. He again fell into insanity and threatened to personally come to Kyiv in order to take the capital of Ukraine.

Moreover, the Deputy of the state Duma dreaming, right at the station he will meet the pioneers of flowers. Inadequate speech of the leader of LDPR was broadcasted propaganda program “Sunday night with Vladimir Solovyov” on one of the channels of the aggressor.

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“I am going to Kiev station, will escort volunteers” – began to share their inadequate dreams Zhirinovsky.

«Януковича вернуть в Киев»: в Кремле выдали скандальный план по захвату Украины

He played up top Kremlin propagandist Vladimir Solovyov and sarcastically suggested the Ukrainians to rename the Central Kiev train station “Moscow” on the occasion of the planned arrival of Zhirinovsky.

Recall that Putin suddenly pounced on their promoters over Ukraine, started a commotion.

As reported Politeka, Putin attacked a journalist on the sidelines, the video has hit the net.

Also Politeka wrote that he died of an influential Putin ally