Yanukovych secretly arrived in the Donbas from “experts”: “the king is now”

Янукович тайно прибыл на Донбасс со «спецами»: «Будет теперь царем»

In the occupied areas of Donbass arrived Yanukovych and his “experts” to “gain a foothold” there

This was reported by blogger “Fascists Donetsk” on his Twitter page.

“Came Sasha the dentist (so-called son of Yanukovych — ed.) in Donetsk, was at the end of last week with the former head of the SBU Yakimenko. Brought 15 people experts to evaluate promising infrastructure (businesses, homes, unfinished, utilities”, — stated in the message.

Янукович тайно прибыл на Донбасс со «спецами»: «Будет теперь царем»

Moreover, the blogger claims that the man even “found a place”.

“They left the spices on to look at the count, where else you can cut the money that they looted to zero, and so on. According to rumors, after the calculations, Moscow gives the go-ahead for entry of MAKO in the occupied, and Yanukovych will be here the king is now, because Moscow is preparing dynyra autonomy within Ukraine”, — he stressed.

As previously reported, the ex-President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych has its own plan, which envisaged the creation of “Autonomous Republic of Donbass” in the Ukraine, where he wanted to be Prime Minister.

This is stated in the declassified report of spectracolor USA Robert Mueller Russian intervention in elections in 2016.

To implement this plan Yanukovych tried using a Russian translator and an alleged intelligence officer Konstantin Kilimnik. Kilimnik had to pass this plan through the spin doctor Paul Manafort US President Donald Trump. In July 2016 kilimnik flew to Moscow to Yanukovych.

2 August 2016 kilimnik came to new York to Manafort, where they discussed “a plan to resolve the ongoing political problems in Ukraine, by creating an Autonomous Republic in the industrial areas of the Eastern Donbass and electing Yanukovych driven out of Ukraine in 2014, the head of this Republic.” The plan assumed that Russia withdraws from the Donbass, which, in turn, becomes an Autonomous region within Ukraine with the Prime Minister at the head. The plan emphasized that Yanukovych — “the ideal candidate who can bring peace to the region as Prime Minister of the Republic and to promote the reintegration of the region into the Ukraine with the support of the presidents of Russia and the USA”.

The plan was to allow Russia to control Eastern Ukraine, the report said.

Manafort told U.S. prosecutors that kilimnik had asked him to convince trump to approve the plan. Manafort, according to him, said Kilimnik that the plan was “crazy.”

Kilimnik continued to insist on the plan in letters and at meetings with Manafort until the spring of 2018.

Янукович тайно прибыл на Донбасс со «спецами»: «Будет теперь царем»

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