Yanick Jean scathing

yanick-jean-deplore-jeunes-soientThe selection of only eight players by Quebec teams in the National Hockey League at the weekend, made quite talk in recent days. When he looks at the question, Yanick Jean is convinced that it is necessary to back up the base of the minor hockey to explain a situation that occurs all too often.

In his mind, too many parents are wrong in thinking that their young is their pension funds, hockey today is too expensive, the fun takes up enough space and ask the youth shoes skates twelve months a year is a mistake. For him, it happened this weekend is the result of the problems affecting the Quebec hockey.

“First, hockey is too expensive, advance the coach and general manager of Chicoutimi. What parents invest in hockey hoping their young is better makes it inaccessible sport. There are parents who are crazy to think that this is by paying astronomical sums they will develop their young. Now parents let their young play twelve months a year. This is the worst mistake you can do. When you talk to them about it, they answer you that their young is passionate. It’s funny, when they come to us at the major junior at 16 or 17 years, even if they were passionate, they are often too sick of playing hockey.

“By paying astronomical sums to play their young hockey twelve months a year, parents harm their young. What Hockey Quebec, AAA programs and structures are? They want to enjoy the money. All that is U14 program, U13 or U12 is only one way to Hockey Quebec and AAA organizations to seek money. That’s what parents do not understand.

“The biggest problem is that young people are in arenas twelve months a year. We need young people to make other things. Until we change our mentality, we will have problems. Because they have invested, parents think their young is their pension funds. They do so not the right approach. It’s not everyone, but there are too many. The first thing we did early in the season is to give a talk to parents. Is this normal? ”

Yanick Jean also believes that the emergence of new hockey organizations in recent years ensures that the product is diluted. Everyone wants its own structure, its own program.

“Yes, there is a cycle effect, but the cycle comes back too often, he adds. Does it need to arrive at the day when the government shut arenas from May 1 to August 1?

“I do not put my head in the sand. We must all be watching and do better. But hockey has made an industry. Before it was a game, a sport. Hockey has to be a way to develop young people of quality. For many, hockey is the hope that their young playing in the NHL. When you see coaches atom, peewee and bantam spend their time practicing the gameplay or the power play, they are off the track. Who cares of the plug. It makes no sense to have a single individual development practice per week. ”

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