Yacht Putin in the Crimea was struck by its size: “the little boat”

Яхта Путина в Крыму поразила своими размерами: «лодчонка»

In the Black sea off the coast of the occupied Crimea appeared Putin’s yacht

Little white little boat was named vessel of the head of the Kremlin.

Crimean blogger RoksolanaToday&Крым25% on his page on the social network Twitter shared a photo of white luxury yachts, which, according to the blogger, belongs to Vladimir Putin.

Яхта Путина в Крыму поразила своими размерами: «лодчонка»

“If the boar is not in the Urals is speeding, then floating on this small white boat. Tiny and modest,” commented a photo of the blogger.

She also added some details about the ship. So, according to her, the yacht was launched in Italy on the famous shipyard Sanlorenzo. The length of the “boats” is 46 meters and the width is nine.

“Holds up to 10 passengers, 9 crew members. 3 decks, 5 staterooms. Comfort called”uncompromising”. Was assigned to the port of Kingstown and sailed under the flag of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, the Russian Federation is now,” said RoksolanaToday&Крым25%.

The blogger sarcastically said of the yacht: “the baby”.

As previously reported, the explosion at a military firing range in the Arkhangelsk region in Russia occurred during the test of the rocket on a sea platform. After the trials, there was an ignition of rocket fuels with the subsequent detonation.

In the state Corporation “Rosatom” noted that the explosion of human bodies thrown into the sea. The search for victims lasted as long as there was hope of finding survivors.

Яхта Путина в Крыму поразила своими размерами: «лодчонка»

Note that the specific cause of the explosion is not yet named. Among the possible reasons cited are failure to test a cruise missile with a nuclear facility. As a result, in the region could increase the level of radiation.

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According to the international environmental protection organization Greenpeace radiation was exceeded 20 times. However, according to the Unified state automated system of radiation monitoring of RF radiation environment in Severodvinsk is in the normal range.

You can draw Parallels between the bombings in Arhangelske and tragedy on CHAES in 1986, the authorities also concealed the true consequences of the disaster.

Яхта Путина в Крыму поразила своими размерами: «лодчонка»

On 8 August during a disaster at the site near the village of Nyonox at Archangel killed five people, not three, as previously reported.

“Rosatom’s” representatives have tried to reassure the Russians, and assured that people far from the scene of the catastrophe to worry about. Allegedly, the accident poses no threat to the population.

Яхта Путина в Крыму поразила своими размерами: «лодчонка»

Recall that Putin has frightened scientists a new look.

As reported Politeka, double Putin has angered Russians ridiculous reaction.

Also Politeka wrote that Ukrainians punished for medals won in Russia.