Xiaomi has released a new version of the frameless smartphone Xiaomi Mi 2s Mix

Today, the company Xiaomi, as expected, officially announced the immediate availability of a new version of its “frameless” smartphone Xiaomi Mi 2s Mix, which became available in color Emerald Green.

You may find that the smartphone just became green, but it’s not. Unique case material was developed jointly by the specialists of Xiaomi and Dunhuang Academy, who worked for years to create a unique jade ceramic case. Supposedly in person it will look much impressive than on the picture.

Xiaomi выпустила новую версию безрамочного смартфона Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s

Otherwise no differences from the standard version Xiaomi Mi 2s Mix no.

Sale Xiaomi Mi Mix in the color Emerald Green will start on August 14.

Source: ixbt.com

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