“X-factor”: the winner of season 8 Misha Panchishin has released the first clip

The singer presented the video for the original song.

«Х-фактор»: переможець 8 сезону Міша Панчишин випустив перший кліп

The winner of the eighth season of the vocal show “X-factor” Misha Panchishin has presented its first music video for the original song “Water ice”, which was written after a breakup with a girl, informs Rus.Media.

“I was worried about lost love, was depressed. I hope listeners recognize themselves in the song, because similar emotion once in your life experienced, each of us,” admitted the contractor.

Earlier we wrote about how the video Director Ivan Zenkov was born the idea of its creation and how the young musician, money for professional services. Ukrainian producer Vadim Lisitsa, who oversaw the filming process, he said that in the new work, Mike has shown himself in a different, more emotional side and the song will resonate in the hearts of the listeners. Also Vadim collaborates with the singer as a sound producer.

“I could not imagine that a music producer can be so easy and fun to work with, thought he wants me to radically change, and everything happened Vice versa, Vadim appreciates me for who I am, and I trust him completely,” – said Panchyshyn about working with the Director.

Watch online video of Mike Panchyshyn for the song “Water ice”

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