“Worse than default”: Groisman drove Ukrainians into a trap, who would pay the most

"Страшнее дефолта": Гройсман загнал украинцев в ловушку, кто заплатит больше всех

Now President Vladimir Zelensky need to win in Ukraine is a phenomenon that is much worse than the default

Recently in Ukraine has become a very popular discussion of a possible default. The journalist Alexander Dubinsky revealed the reason why the country was in such a deplorable situation of debt.

The author of the video drew attention, that “every second” post in the Ukrainian segment of the social network Facebook is devoted to the statement of the businessman Igor Kolomoisky that President Vladimir Zelensky is to default. In an interview with Finantial Times former Governor of the Dnipropetrovsk region explained that in this phenomenon there is nothing to worry. Several times so Argentina defaulted and successfully restructured the external debt. According to Igor Kolomoisky, can also enter and Ukraine.

"Страшнее дефолта": Гройсман загнал украинцев в ловушку, кто заплатит больше всех

Alexander Dubinsky recalled that in 2019 the Ukrainians need to return $ 15 billion of government and commercial debt. Such money in the Treasury not, therefore the country have to rely on trashy the IMF and the purchase of bonds on the stock exchange. Or to declare a default. Every year lenders put Ukraine more difficult conditions. In particular, the increase in gas prices to the European level. It is also expected the opening of a land market, privatization of the gas transportation system and strategic enterprises that will be able to capture foreign investors.

According to the journalist, all this is happening because of the theft. Officials simply take the public money that can be spent on repayment of loans.

“Upstairs to determine the amount and lower it down, Deputy Prime Minister. Appointed: will every month to bring in $ 100 million Groisman and Groisman will be conditionally 70% give Poroshenko, 30% to keep. Sitting Deputy Prime Minister, oversees farmers, a hundred he had to give up and still give some budget revenues to repay debts. Accordingly, figures out a way to raise taxes, to introduce a new license quotas in order to collect more money because the budget is not enough — you have to cut from the population,” explained Alexander Dubinsky.

"Страшнее дефолта": Гройсман загнал украинцев в ловушку, кто заплатит больше всех

According to the journalist, the most popular way to pay off debts long been a rate increase. Supposedly, raise Ukraine to the European level. Thus, the government redistributes monetary savings of Ukrainians. Even those who do not keep money in foreign currency. “There is one caveat,” — said the blogger. They were workers who transferred from abroad 12 billion dollars annually. Taking them with high tariffs.

Alexander Dubinsky hinted that officials profitable to declare a default and to restructure the external debt. Because then they will lose a major source of corrupt income. Only Petro Poroshenko for the cadence annually receives one billion dollars. Still the same pocketed his subordinates. Total — about $ 10 billion. That is, almost the entire debt of Ukraine. The journalist is sure: eliminating corruption, the country will be able to do without default and a constant IMF. Alexander Dubinsky stressed that is worse than stealing, for Ukraine there is nothing, including the default.

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As reported Politeka, the default threatens Ukraine Kolomoisky, urgently appealed to Zelensky.

Also Politeka wrote that Zelensky is going to leave AP: “negotiations are already underway”, the team reported the details.