Worse malaria and measles: a dangerous illness take the lives of millions of children in the next decade

Ужаснее малярии и кори: опасная болезнь заберет миллионы детских жизней в следующее десятилетие

Dangerous disease can take millions of children worldwide in the next decade

The researchers found that the pneumonia may cause the death of the 10.8 million children over the next 12 years.

The study was conducted by experts from the International organization Save the Children and Johns Hopkins University.

Pneumonia kills more children under five years than infectious diseases like measles, malaria and diarrhea. Last kill nearly one million children annually.

Ужаснее малярии и кори: опасная болезнь заберет миллионы детских жизней в следующее десятилетие

The disease affects the lungs, which become inflamed and filled with fluid. It is caused by infection from bacteria, viruses or parasites, in developed countries, primarily affects the elderly. People living in poverty are especially vulnerable because they lack access to medical institutions, to recognize the symptoms.

“This is a disease of poverty. Children who are malnourished or live in urban slums, typically, are at greater risk. Surprisingly, the killer of children is the number one gets so little attention of the government and the public,” said CEO of Save the Children Kevin Watkins.

Add Ukrainians warn about the return of dangerous diseases. By the end of 2018 in Ukraine recorded seven cases of acute anthroponosis infection — diphtheria, patients which in the past year were recorded.

“The only thing that should not be forgotten is health. Vaccination according to the updated national immunization schedule to protect children and adults from diseases you may encounter while traveling. In particular, from diphtheria, as cases of this disease, unfortunately, the record again in Ukraine “, — reported in the Ministry of health.

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It should be noted that during an epidemic of diphtheria in Ukraine from 1991 to 1998, fell ill about 20 000 persons, 696 of them died.

Ужаснее малярии и кори: опасная болезнь заберет миллионы детских жизней в следующее десятилетие

In the Ministry noted that vaccination against diphtheria is needed not only to children but also for adults, it must be done every 10 years. Today in Ukraine a sufficient number of vaccines and diphtheria serums, they are in all areas.

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