“Worried”: the father Bogdan for the first time revealed the truth about the son with Zelensky

«Волнуюсь»: отец Богдана впервые раскрыл правду о работе сына с Зеленским

The father is the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Andriy Bohdan shared some details of his son’s life

Joseph Bogdan told not only about the career of the son of a lawyer, but also about his cooperation with Vladimir Zelensky.

Associate Professor, law faculty of Lviv national University Joseph Bogdan admitted that he’s worried after his son had held high public office. “Of course, I’m worried it will be a success or not. Although I am sure that it will be possible”, he said, the newspaper writes LB.ua.

«Волнуюсь»: отец Богдана впервые раскрыл правду о работе сына с Зеленским

He remembered how he studied Andrew as a student. According to the father, the son, received “good” or “excellent”, and evaluation, in his opinion, was fair. Note that when the arrival of his son to the University Joseph Bogdan was the Deputy Dean.

As for the choice of a profession, Andrei Bogdan has expressed a desire to become a lawyer in high school. “I asked what he was doing next. “I will enter the faculty of law”, — he said. The year he was preparing a special program to pass the entrance exams,” said Joseph Bogdan.

“The country is frightened by the fact that he’s a lawyer Kolomoisky, but I have a different position. He was a lawyer, not only Kolomoisky. This means that he is a good lawyer,” said Bogdan senior.

The publication notes that the current head of the OP was presented for their career interests also Anatoly Gritsenko, Yuri Lutsenko, Gennady Korban, Viktor Yushchenko and other prominent personalities.

«Волнуюсь»: отец Богдана впервые раскрыл правду о работе сына с Зеленским

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As we wrote earlier, the residents of Donbass can make Russian an official language.

The head of the Office of the President Andrew Bogdan shared with journalists sensational news. According to the colleague of the head of state, Russian language in the Donbas could become official. However, it is probably only after the referendum.

Andrey Bogdan offers to put the question this way: “We can Donetsk and Lugansk regions be allowed to speak in Russian, if we will have peace in the country?” and the options: Yes and no. If there are positive results, then the Donetsk and Lugansk can communicate in Russian.

Journalist Bohdan hearing the answer, asked whether the force of this precedent. The head office asked: “Let’s ruin fifteen thousand of our citizens in the war?”.

However, the initiative to make Russian the second official language Bogdan perceived negatively.

Recall, integrity is not removed, the Ukrainians have uncovered the reason.

As reported Politeka, Zelensky made the fateful law and have amassed a lot of problems.

Also Politeka wrote that Zelensky grappled with Rabinovich in Parliament, Ukrainians delighted