World scientists have named the main threat to humanity

More than 15 thousand scientists from 184 countries of the world amounted to a second “Warning to humanity”, which highlighted the major threats for the inhabitants of the planet. Your document professionals trying to attract the attention of world leaders to negative environmental changes.

We will remind, the first “Warning to humanity” appeared in 1992, when more than 1.7 thousands of world scientists, including Nobel prize winners, told the inhabitants of the Earth about the damage they cause to the environment by its activities. This year the Manifesto will celebrate 25 years in connection, more than 15 thousand specialists from 184 countries decided to create a “Second (repeated) warning.” In the report on the state of the environmental situation over the past 25 years, scientists emphasize that humanity has failed to remedy that in 1992 the situation. It is noted that some of the environmental issues for a quarter century were the only times worse. Told international experts and about the positive changes in the environment, including reducing the number in air of ozone-depleting components.

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  • Gallilao

    Is English the author’s second language? I have trouble understanding what it is he is saying.