World egg day in 2018 is celebrated on 12 October

In many countries, the second Friday of October is celebrated world egg day.

Всесвітній день яйця в 2018 році відзначається 12 жовтня

In Ancient Rome was a sign-the expression ab ovo “from the egg”, i.e. from the beginning. This is due to the fact that eggs the Romans usually began meals. But the phrase carries a more philosophical sense, informs Rus.Media.

Ancient peoples believed that the egg is the prototype of the Universe, was born of this world.

The Slavs, the egg was associated with fertility, with the spring rebirth of nature.

To eat bird eggs our ancestors began more than 2,000 years ago.

Today the palm is firmly in chicken eggs. Behind them by a large margin followed by quail eggs. And it is quite rarely used in cooking ostrich eggs, duck, Guinea fowl. Although in some countries, dishes from eggs of the Swan, the Blackbird, cormorant, penguin, partridges and many other birds.

In 1996 in Vienna (Austria) took place the regular conference of the International egg Commission. The conference delegates found it necessary to create for the egg and its culinary derivatives own party and to celebrate world “egg” festival on the second Friday of October. The Commission argues that there are at least a dozen reasons to celebrate egg Day, and many countries, and especially the manufacturers of egg products, readily responded to the idea to celebrate the holiday eggs.

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