Working abroad: what will happen to the Ukrainians in Poland, the Czech Republic or Germany

Работа за границей: что ждет украинцев в Польше, Чехии или Германии

Became known, how many and in which countries Ukrainian workers can make good money

Also named the most in demand jobs abroad, writes ZIK.

Each country has its own peculiarities. For example, Italy requires more women to work as cleaners and care for the sick or children. In Poland and the Czech Republic go to work in agriculture or factories. And there is more need men.

For a company that is looking for workers for Europe, saying the labor market for Ukrainians in Poland will grow every day, because the poles go to work in Germany and the UK.

“Poland is the first country of the EU, which simplified the procedure of employment for Ukrainians. You can work with only biometric passport”, – says the head of recruitment company Svetlana fishchenko.

Работа за границей: что ждет украинцев в Польше, Чехии или Германии

Thus Poland is the leader among the countries that have jobs for Ukrainians. Just last year there issued one million work permits. Second place was taken by Czech Republic – twenty thousand last year, and already forty plan to take next year.

In these countries you can earn from seven hundred to a thousand euros per month. Workers spend only on food, because housing is usually provided by the employer. And he guarantees the official employment, stable wages and social security.

Third place – Germany. Here at twice the salary, but to get a legal job without knowing the language almost impossible. However, soon the situation may change, say recruiters.

Also in the list of countries where people go to work, include USA, Italy, Spain, the Baltic States, Cyprus, Israel, Greece.

Работа за границей: что ждет украинцев в Польше, Чехии или Германии

Income from migrant workers – a plus for the Ukrainian economy.

After all, the currency of Europe to replenish our supplies. For example, last year only from Polish workers brought three billion euros. For comparison of the USA to Ukraine has sent nearly seven hundred million dollars. Russia among Ukrainian workers losing popularity.

Recall, the Ukrainian zarobitchane broke all records for a year of work in Poland.

Politeka also wrote that Ukrainian youth is torn from the country.

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