Work on the main runway of the airport: large aircraft in Montreal and Toronto

travaux-requis-piste-principale-aeroport(Quebec) The work required on the main runway of the airport of Quebec will require aircraft to land at a reduced distance in half between 6 and 18 June. The largest aircraft that carry out flights to Europe and the South, will be affected.

The main runway 06-24 for the initiated, was closed Tuesday for preparatory work. The airport management took the opportunity to concretely explain the commotion ahead.

From June 6, teams will be busy day and night for 13 days to rebuild the intersection with the secondary runway, 11-29. The planes will be satisfied with 4600 feet of runway 4300 feet day and night to land compared to 9600 feet normally accessible.

About 70 flights will be affected, large aircraft such as Airbus 310 and 330 in need of more clearance. Several flights to France and the southern countries will from Montreal or Toronto, adding a transfer by bus or plane. Domestic and regional flights, which use smaller aircraft, will be maintained.

“We want to reassure the people of Quebec. The airport remains open and for passengers and carriers, “insisted Tuesday the president and CEO of Aéroport de Québec inc, Gaëtan Gagné. Airlines, informed for months, have planned their activities accordingly. Customers unsure can contact them to confirm their itinerary suggests Mr. Gagné.

Continued in 2017

In 2017, the airport will complete the work on the main runway. Then it will take 80 days of work, staggered from May 22 to August 9. Air traffic will be redirected to the secondary runway, which is 5700 feet. The slightly larger aircraft, until the Boeing 737, can ask it. Some weight constraints however, may apply.

In both cases, the yard is to redo the pavement. For best results, you have to dig deep and six inches of it, 60 meters wide, including the verges of 15 meters. The drainage will also be improved to prevent accumulation of water on the track, said Tuesday Marie-Noëlle Simard, civil engineering project manager, who works the record for two years.

Replace as lighting

As long as to restrict the flights, electrical work will be done simultaneously. The lights next to the runway will be replaced by LED and approach lights that guide pilots, will be modernized. The electrical system will be duplicated so that in case of failure, there is always a light on two in operation. Finished, so landings “Candlelight” as saying the drivers.

These projects must be carried out during the summer due to weather and because traffic is generally lower at the airport.

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