Words celebrated in Mansonville

auteur-yves-beauchemin-accepte-presidencePlaying with words, Marie-Paule Villeneuve is accustomed. Journalist, author and founder of the literary agency Clause, the lady had every reason in the world to create Word Games Festival. The event will take place on 16 and 17 July in Mansonville, his adopted hometown.

There she transformed a former place of worship in what is now called the church cottage House MP Villeneuve, where are offered including the homes of writers.

With a strong network within the literary world, but also in her community, Ms. Villeneuve has concocted a festival bringing together several of his passions: chow, literature and the visual arts. “Because everything is connected,” she said.

“When I left the Canadian Press in 2013, I had plenty of projects for the region, she said. In the literary world, it is less known that in other municipalities, although there are things happening here. People pass by without stopping. I found that a festival was unifying. ”

Ms. Villeneuve has not taken the reins of the festival alone. She was able to rely on the financial support of the Cultural and Heritage Committee of Potton Potton Cinema and the City Library. Several organizations and area volunteers also contribute to this first adventure.

As for the authors, they were likely to accept the invitation. Among them, Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette, Benoit Bouthillier, Guy Marchamps and even Yves Beauchemin, a longtime friend of Ms. Villeneuve and seasonal resident of the country Mansonville. This act also as president of honor of the weekend.

Full of activities

During these two days, activities will be numerous. Children’s entertainment, conference on the history of food in Canada, meetings with authors, visual arts exhibition, guided tours of the church tower, concert at the park …

Marie-Paule Villeneuve also going to his personal suggestions. Starting with a meeting on Saturday night, with Yves Beauchemin, who will tell the passage of the book to the film’s success Le Matou. It also proposes, on Saturday morning, visiting the public market adjacent to the round barn in Mansonville where we offer food tastings. The next afternoon, the curious can attend the conference From Book to Film.

The organizer also notes the cocktail reception on Sunday evening, which will be “a great party” closing with music, dancing, reading and bites – for which she will cook for three days!

However, it ensures that this bilingual festival will not elitist. “There will be food, a flea market, activities for the young, everyone will find his account!”

How many people will be tempted by this cultural trip in the region Potton? Marie-Paule Villeneuve prefers not to venture game predictions. But hope there will be many. “This is a first for us. In fact, we consider the festival as a pilot project. We had to try it! “Said the woman of letters, stating that in case of rain, outdoor activities will take place inside the church.

For a detailed program, we visit the Festival page Word Games / Play on Words on Facebook.

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