Women with diabetes, society often “sets the mark”

As shown by recent sociological research, the society puts on women with a diagnosis of “diabetes” the stigma more often than men that can lead to serious psychological “clips” of the patient.

The most vehemently displayed this trend in poor South Asian countries, where often even the birth of a girl in a family with little income is considered a failure. In addition, in these countries, people’s knowledge about diabetes is very poor, which creates a greater number of plates for patients. Especially if the disease was discovered at the age when a woman according to local regulations needs to get married: the groom’s family feared high bills for treatment of the consequences for their descendants, because, as you know, diabetes affects not only the mother but also the fetus in her womb. In addition, the possible deterioration of the physical health and sexual dysfunction.

Renunciation, rejection, criticism, persecution and other forms of social stigmatization lead to emotional closure women, depression and the appearance of suicidal thoughts. The solution of a problem experts see in educating the public about the risks of occurrence, methods of treatment and ways of living with diabetes that people did not arise false thoughts. And psychological care of the patient in the initial stages of life with the disease.

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