Women in Science and Engineering: Wholesale means to change the situation

eve-langelier(SHERBROOKE) Women are under-represented in science and engineering. The new Chair for Women in Science and Engineering NSERC Quebec division, wants to change that by encouraging girls and women to choose these fields of study.

Eve Langelier holder of the Chair for Women in Science and Engineering NSERC (Quebec), is working with his team for over a year with one goal in mind, improve recruitment, retention and advancement of women in science and engineering.

In 2013-2014, women’s representation in enrollment in bachelor’s degree in different disciplines in science and engineering throughout Quebec varies between ten percent and 50 percent.

“We want to give a voice to women, while making it more inviting science and engineering programs. We want to offer them a more feminine program to be welcoming, “said the holder of the Chair.

It is through activities, Web capsules and support for teachers in primary and secondary school that the Chair wants to “break down the often unseen and unintended barriers that are erected around women.” Female models fields are also presented to young women to identify with them and continue their studies in mathematics and science.

“It is through such exciting projects as it makes sense that the mission of the Faculty of Engineering: train, innovate, design to serve society. “Said Patrick Doucet, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering.

If more women in science and engineering were more integrated, real impacts would be felt in the medium. “Better complementarity and gender balance in the workplace in science and engineering in particular encourage organizational creativity and give a voice to women addressing major social, economic, technological and environmental,” said Ms. Langelier.

This mobilizing project enjoys considerable support from its financial partners, $ 196 500 per year over five years for a total close to a million dollars.

A kit

Basically, it is a story. Over the adventures of the characters, of sixth grade students are invited to complete challenges, solve puzzles and continue the adventure, all by using technology.

Created in collaboration with educationalists of the Faculty of Education at the University of Sherbrooke, the kit, which is provided free to teachers, is a tool that stimulates students to be interested in the profession of engineers. “We noticed that girls and women are afraid of being wrong. The kit is a provocation of the error, “says Fatima Bousadra, didactician Science.

The author Alessandro Cassa knew imagine characters who are different stereotypes in order to reflect and exit the science of their usual context. “I think everyone will be conquered, beginning with the students,” says the author.

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