Woman brutally murdered neighbor, “pieces of the body were taken on the bus”: the details of bloody PE

Женщина жестоко убила соседа, "куски тела вывозила на маршрутке": детали кровавого ЧП

In Saint-Petersburg revealed the terrible murder of a man, part of whose body in the spring of 2019 found on Kanonersky island

On suspicion in murder have detained 40-year-old victim’s neighbor in the communal apartment.

According to preview events, on March 29, between neighbors there was a major altercation, which quickly escalated into a fight. Suddenly, the woman grabbed a hammer and struck the neighbor’s head.

Collapsed on the floor man woman was finished the feet. Then, to cover up the crime, she dismembered the corpse and gradually took out his pieces in bags on the bus on Kanonersky island.

Женщина жестоко убила соседа, "куски тела вывозила на маршрутке": детали кровавого ЧП

Note, this is not the first horrific case in St. Petersburg. A few years ago between neighbors in a communal apartment has been domestic conflict. As a result, the pensioner shot and killed the sleeping couple with the starting gun with a homemade silencer, and then dismembered the bodies and dumped the remains of the bodies into the sewer. Killed were 47-year-old man and his 35-year-old wife.

On suspicion in murder detained the 64-year-old man.

And recently in Kiev the man struck the mistress on the head and quietly went to sleep. In the morning, he already knew that the girl from the received traumas has died. To hide the traces of the murder, dismembered corpse of a woman stuffed into a refrigerator.

Женщина жестоко убила соседа, "куски тела вывозила на маршрутке": детали кровавого ЧП

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Part of the body of 42-year-old murderer was kept three days, and then decided to sneak on the different dumps. However, his apartment suddenly came a father and looked in the fridge. The pensioner alerted the police about the terrible discovery.

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