Woe happened in the family of the legendary Soviet actor: the hospital did not take

Горе случилось в семье легендарного советского актера: до больницы не довезли

The widow of a famous Russian actor Anatoly Papanova Nadezhda Karataeva died at the age of 94 years

As reported by telegram-channel 112, the actress was ill with pneumonia.

She became ill at home and she died in the car “ambulance” on the way to the hospital.

Karatayev and Papanov was married in 1945, married a daughter Elena. Until 2014 Karataev, played in the Moscow theater of satire, starred in the films “the Inspector General”, “Under the sky of Verona”, “a Time to gather stones”, etc.

Горе случилось в семье легендарного советского актера: до больницы не довезли

Горе случилось в семье легендарного советского актера: до больницы не довезли

Anatoly Papanov died on 5 August 1987, but his body was only found on August 7. The actor played Serpilin in “Living and dead” pediatrician “Children don Quixote”, the Kisa Vorobyaninov in “12 chairs,” Starobogatov in the film “Cold summer of fifty third…”.

A few days earlier died a famous KVN-size of the KVN team “national Team of Snezhnogorsk” from the Murmansk region, Russia Yevgeny Zharikov. About it report the Russian mass media with reference to the publication in the social networks of team captain and her husband, Sergey Zharikov.

According to the artist, Eugene passed away in a few days – she was diagnosed with cancer late stage:

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“Unfortunately, we weren’t able to save Eugene. Today at 6 a.m. she died in a clinic in Moscow,” wrote Zharikov.

Eugenia Zharikova was diagnosed with cancer in September:

“The diagnosis of sarcoma of the stomach fourth degree. …The disease very late made itself felt”, — said earlier the spouse of the deceased.

“Team Sochi” — Murmansk Champions League semi-finalists of the Ural League of KVN in Russian Federation. The team also reached the semi-finals of the Higher League of KVN of a season of 2019.

Recall that the famous singer died at the hands of his beloved, the last days turned into hell details.

As he wrote Politeka, the star of “Brother” and “Gangster Petersburg” passed away

Also Politeka wrote that was found dead legendary actor who played Jesus: the details of the tragedy.