Witnesses of the accident with the mother Prytula talking, nobody expected what happened actually

Свидетели ДТП с тещей Притулы заговорили, такого никто не ожидал: что произошло на самом деле

There are new details in the case of an accident with the mother Prytula – witnesses told the shocking details

Earlier in a horrific accident in Kiev with the participation of the mother-in-law Sergiy Prytula — Lily Sapelnik – shook the entire nation. The witnesses of the tragedy told the media how it was actually, in particular – became aware of the first minutes of the accident.

As you know, if Lily Sapelnik probably messed up foot controls in a car and knocked down pedestrians – a mother and child – cob cars. The witnesses state that from what I have seen people weeping at the scene. At the moment we know that the victim in road accident the boy was discovered a fractured hip and collarbone during the additional survey. Mother’s in and out of consciousness”, — stated the victims lawyer Yuriy Sukhov.

This is referred to in the article “KP”:

“When I saw it, from the horror of not being able to breathe. Then I started screaming, calling for help, but to move could not. Well that was next to the other. People ran, began to call for an ambulance and the police. From the club guys ran out, lifted the car and pulled out of the boy. He was convulsing, and loud sobbing from the pain. His mother showed no signs of life”, — says an eyewitness of the accident Maria Sergienko.

18+Video of the moment #accident on Dneprovsky naberezny. Naadam scho vinovatye Avar, 59-RCNA Inca, Yak for poperedniy version was splatula pedal. Mati TA ditio waikomo Stani hosptality. Pers photo and video s msca: https://kyivoperativ.info/dtp/smotret-video-1301/

Posted by Kiev Operational on Thursday, August 22, 2019

The time of the accident

The witness also said that after the incident the driver of the Lily Sapelnik came with the car and began to cover the face, its none of those present when the incident has not been touched – even more so – the hand is not dissolved:

“Then she came and said that the driver confused the pedal and did not have time to understand anything. For what she has done, is obliged to pay the penalty. People literally wept when I saw what happened,” said the eyewitness to the accident.

Earlier in the media leaked information about the 9-year-old victim, the boy died from his injuries in a local hospital. But later this information was refuted by the boy alive. Tiffany Prytula was appointed house arrest.

August 24, Sergey Prytula commented on the incident in Kiev accident involving his mother-in-law:

“I personally, and my family, as honestly as possible sorry for the family that suffered as a result of ridiculous driving mom and my wife. Neither I personally, nor my wife, have had attempts to “fix” the issues with the judges or prosecutors. Personally, I, as the husband, his wife, of course, offered the women his assistance in legal support and said father-in-law and mother-in-law, my family they join to cover the cost of treatment and rehabilitation of the affected families, if the family is willing to accept such assistance. What I personally hope. So, the health of the baby and mother is the main priority in this situation.”

Свидетели ДТП с тещей Притулы заговорили, такого никто не ожидал: что произошло на самом деле

Prytula believes it necessary to convey to the journalistic community and the public in General that the offence was committed by a specific person with a specific name:

“And I will be grateful to all if the public and journalists are not to blame for the committed among people who are in no way involved in the incident. I was sitting behind the wheel of this car and not ready to comment on the situation because that was not a witness to the events.”

Prytula writes that he was sorry that it happened:

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“I don’t know what I can do, personally, to help the family of the victims, in addition to the above initiatives. Request to journalists not to “storm” calls. For you this incident is a routine, but for two families or a tragedy. The pretrial investigation proceeds. Next will be court. They will clarify the situation and to dot the “I”. I have everything “.

Ukrainians actively comment on a post celebrity — opinions were divided a protecting Pritula and his family, some Ukrainians very angry:

“Unfortunately, accidents happen a lot in the news about another road accident pay attention only when I see / hear a familiar name …”

“The only thing I would condition your help —” if the family is ready to Accept help “. That is, just because you treat them will not pay? What is included in the word “ready”? Renounce his claims to the mother-in-law, sign what you need to say is that it is necessary? “

“From accidents nobody is insured! Cause anger involving drunk drivers or speeders. In this particular case, there is only compassion for the family of the victim and the purely human desire to understand maneuver the culprit of the accident. I wish the injured a speedy recovery. And Sergey to remain a moral citizen of Ukraine “.

“Well, if the lady won’t put a penny the price of such justice, it will be immediately clear that all the family was discharged and paid off, and then she again sit behind the wheel and can hurt other people”

“So let Madame go to jail and she will meet retirement behind bars, is it better than Zaitseva?”

Свидетели ДТП с тещей Притулы заговорили, такого никто не ожидал: что произошло на самом деле

Свидетели ДТП с тещей Притулы заговорили, такого никто не ожидал: что произошло на самом деле Свидетели ДТП с тещей Притулы заговорили, такого никто не ожидал: что произошло на самом деле Свидетели ДТП с тещей Притулы заговорили, такого никто не ожидал: что произошло на самом деле

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