Without pay government employees for two months

employes-civils-base-bagotville-centreCivilian employees of CFB Bagotville, Taxation Data Centre in Jonquière and other agencies working in the region are deprived of their weekly pay for up to two months. The new Phoenix system is poorly adapted to the various categories of government jobs.

IT problems of the federal government payroll system have been known for a number of months. A contract employee of the Jonquière Taxation Centre, however, that the situation be resolved soon. She held to denounce the situation on condition of anonymity.

This lady, who works at the revenue processing and receiving checks taxpayer made to the federal government, is itself deprived of pay checks, and without the possibility of appeal since it is possible to non-unionized .

“Since May 18, I have not received a penny. I was out of contract May 27 and the government already had me two weeks pay. On June 2, I was rehired. I just learned that I will not have to pay June 29 The employer says he did his best to solve the problem, but nothing unlocks. ”

She claims that many contract employees Taxation Data Centre like it, but that did not contract renewal, are unable to apply for employment insurance benefit because they do not have paper received their termination.

“The federal owes me $ 2000. I need my money. My owner is late, but it has a mortgage to pay, “she expresses.

The private employee income claims she is unable to get answers to her employer as the National Enquiry Service, Customer section compensation is mired due to the number of appeals lodged. It is therefore impossible to speak to an agent.

“I feel like a beggar. It is not even possible to get a salary advance because it would be twice as complicated. I’m asking you rule me, it does not move, “said the lady somewhat discouraged.

She compares the situation to that of a “banana republic” that would be on the brink of bankruptcy, which is obviously not the case for Canada.

A known problem Karine Trudel
The NDP member for Jonquière, Karine Trudel, is well aware of the difficulties experienced by certain contractual employees of the federal government. She was arrested by some and she herself asked the Minister of Public Services and Procurement, Judy Foote, on the subject.

In an interview, Ms. Trudel argued that five civilian employees of CFB Bagotville, two employees of Service Canada and eight employees of the Jonquière Taxation Centre were without pay, in some cases up to two months because of problems experienced with the Phoenix system. “I myself have one of my staff who was five weeks without pay. They are employees who complained. We have no global portrait. Perhaps there are others who do not come forward. ”

The member says that the main problem of the new system based in Miramichi, New Brunswick, it is worth taking into account the situation of officials with no permanent status or having flexible hours.

She added that last week, the Union of Public Employees launched a campaign to denounce the situation and identify the number of cases. According to her, 1000 victims of failed system employees have quickly made their situation.

Ms. Trudel says that in many cases they are women single parents who face these situations and that, in addition to being deprived of employment income can not even receive EI benefits.

The office of the Minister Foote, communications director, Annie Trépanier, recalled that the Minister announced a series of measures to remedy the situation with the opening of a satellite office in Gatineau, which provides for the availability of a hundred officials authorized to assist Miramichi employees to resolve pay issues.

Funds are also available to help employees in financial difficulties to get emergency help. Denis Villeneuve

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