With the police car crashed in an accident… 15 dead. Frightening photos from the scene of the tragedy

Авто с полицейскими разбилось в ДТП... 15 погибших. Пугающее фото с места трагедии

The explosion on Wednesday, may 1, killing at least 15 soldiers of paramilitary police

According to the newspaper The Times of India, the truck, which went to the Indian police, was blown up by an improvised explosive device.

It is noted that the explosives were laid by the Maoists in Maharashtra in the district of Gadchiroli. This district is characterized by active activities of the group of the Maoists. In the same district on Wednesday, the Maoists torched several vehicles and units of road machinery owned by the company, which is building the highway.

The Maoists, various groups in India often called Naxalite, promoting its own version of Maoism and Marxism-Leninism. They operate in a country with 1960-ies, their units recorded in 14 of the 29 States of India. The Naxalites claim that they intend to release the poor peasants from “capitalist oppression”, and often enjoy the support of the local population.

They are hiding in the jungle and attacks on villages, government officials and police. A few years ago, they promised to create a “free capitalists” area in the “red corridor” from Nepal to South India. New Delhi said the Maoists one of the main internal threats.

Авто с полицейскими разбилось в ДТП... 15 погибших. Пугающее фото с места трагедии

We will remind, 47 dead, 640 injured: a powerful explosion launched the earthquake, video from hell.

As reported Politeka, a powerful explosion occurred in a munitions factory: many victims, the details of the tragedy.

Also Politeka wrote, the building blew up after a powerful explosion: there are victims.