With the heating season grants will be considered new

Subsidies will become more targeted and will take into account not only the formal criterion of the receipt of the income and property status of the recipients.

З опалювального сезону субсидії будуть рахувати по-новому

Subsidies with the new heating period will be assigned according to the fact of the heated space used for living, rather than the actual area of the house, informs Rus.Media.

This was during the briefing said the Director of the Directorate of family and social support of the population of the Ministry of social policy Vitaly muzichenko.

“Today, we have prepared a project of changes in the subsidy system to be introduced already this heating period, which regulate the most problematic issues that arise for citizens. In the Soviet 90 years, the citizens to save their own funds to build houses, where everything was under one roof: the shed, garage, residential area. These premises have a large area, but it is really only used to live only a certain percentage of housing. One of the proposals – the provision of subsidies to a heated area and not on the whole”, – said muzichenko.

In addition, address the question of payment in the case that the user has used services less mandatory share payment for the subsidy.

“Because to take into account in the resolution of all the impossible, we expanded the powers of the Commission to examine individual cases,” – said muzichenko.

According to him, for grants accrued in 2018, will spend 55 billion UAH. About 20 billion UAH was spent for covering the debt for benefits and subsidies for the previous budget period.

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“The cost of the system for this year will amount to 55 billion UAH. No one lays in the budget is obviously lower, so to deprive someone of subsidies,” – said muzichenko.

He said that in the last heating period, grants were received 6.9 million households. At the same time has accumulated nearly 20 billion UAH of debt for the payment of benefits and subsidies.

“On January 1 of the current year, we had serious arrears of payment of benefits and subsidies over the past years. If we analyze the situation as at the end of the summer, when accruals 36 billion UAH of benefits and subsidies, was paid almost 58 billion UAH. In the first quarter of this year there was a repayment for the previous budget period,” – said muzichenko.

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