With crime boss brutally murdered at his house: eerie footage

С криминальным авторитетом жестоко расправились в его доме: жуткие кадры

The victim herself has let their killers in the yard of his house

When the attackers left the scene, their hands were stained in blood.

A violent crime happened in Odessa on Thursday, August 1. There in your own backyard, two men stabbed a local crime boss in the yard of his house. The deceased was Alexei Petrov, nicknamed “Petrik,” the newspaper writes IPnews.

С криминальным авторитетом жестоко расправились в его доме: жуткие кадры

Terrifying footage of the massacre was caught on video surveillance cameras.

The owner let the men in the yard. The video clearly shows that after the men talked a bit, a fight broke out. The guests began to beat Petrova. Then one of the men repeatedly struck the owner a knife. The victim died at the scene.

When the murderers left the yard where just finished with a man, you will see that the hands of one of the criminals covered in blood almost to the elbows.

It is reported that the criminal authority has been implementing waste production of industrial enterprises.

Prior to 2000, Alexey Petrov was one of five members of criminal group “France”.

As previously reported, the 28-year-old man brutally murdered with his friend, the incident is shocking. The murder occurred in Germany.

According to local media, a migrant from Syria killed the acquaintance in the street. In a video released of the incident shows a man mercilessly cuts with the sword of his comrade at the car right in the middle of the street – the spectacle is not for the faint of heart.

The murderer managed to be detained.

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С криминальным авторитетом жестоко расправились в его доме: жуткие кадры

The victim of massacres perfect Syrian was the 36-year-old native of the former Soviet Union – Kazakh German.

The men had rented one apartment for two: “What is not shared is still unknown,” — said operatives of Stuttgart, where there was a terrible murder.

We also wrote that the woman in Cherkasy attacked with a knife: “in the Evening on July 29, patrol arrived at the next challenge in the city of Cherkassy. At the scene police found a bloody 30-year-old woman with a stab wound in the back.”

As it turned out, before the attack on the woman, and between her and another citizen dispute broke out: “Between two women there was a verbal altercation, during which one stabbed the other.” It is also reported that during the attack the attacker was at the hands of a novice.

Caution! Video 18+!

We will remind, rebellion in prison escalated into a bloodbath.

As reported Politeka in the country, the chaos began: snipers shooting indiscriminately, all in the fire.

Also Politeka wrote that Ukrainians are scared of the murder of a chef: now we have to keep quiet so as not slaughtered.