With a bullet in the head found another famous Russian singer: “he knew and didn’t help”

С пулей в голове нашли друга известного российского певца: "знал и не помог"

Another Russian singer, composer and actor Sergey Penkin was found with a bullet in the head

Guard artist Sergey Penkin was found with a gunshot wound Thursday morning, June 6, in the car on Yartsevskaya street in Moscow, Russian media reported.

To a critical mental condition the man was brought long, long time financial trouble.

С пулей в голове нашли друга известного российского певца: "знал и не помог"

As it turned out, 30-the summer Igor working at Sergey Penkin few years – guarding the country and performs various personal errands for artist. Recently Igor has recruited a number of loans, to return the money in time not worked.

The total amount of debt the men had more than 1 million 300 thousand rubles.

Sergey Penkin know about the problem of the employee who helped and supported as best they could. But, apparently, Igor decided that will not be able to get out of debt.

On the morning of 6 June, the man quarreled with his lover on the grounds of financial problems, closed in his car and shot himself in the head from a traumatic gun (the weapon is officially registered). The girl called an ambulance. With a wound to the head in a serious condition Igor was hospitalized.

С пулей в голове нашли друга известного российского певца: "знал и не помог"

“What a nightmare! I knew, but never thought to go this far.”- commented on Sergey Penkin incident.

Recall that in the river in one of the houses a man in the stairwell attacked by an unknown assailant fired a pistol at him.

The incident occurred June 5 around 18:00 on the street of Amber. The building at the 31-year-old man attacked by an unknown assailant and twice shot him in the ribs. He then fled the scene. Eyewitnesses said that the shooter spent the whole day sitting under the porch and waited for the man.

“The Complainant reported that he was shot is unknown, but he did not remember where he ran off. To describe it he could not. The police, the victim was waiting in the Elevator. On the spot, the police saw the ambulance, the man had help and took him to city hospital №6. Shot him from weapons with rubber bullets,” – said “Today” in a press-service of the patrol police region.

On the scene caused it is investigative-task force of Industrial police Department. Hold the arrow and failed.

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