Winter broke into Ukraine, despite weather forecasts: eloquent frames

Зима ворвалась в Украину вопреки прогнозу синоптиков: красноречивые кадры

In Ukraine suddenly burst into the winter, despite the predictions of many forecasters

This was reported on page KerchFM in YouTube.

So, on the mountain massif Chatyr-Dag, near Alushta in Crimea suddenly it snowed in the middle of the day.

Local people say that the snowflakes falling from the sky, but the ground never came.

Verify that weather forecasters still predict “Indian summer” in the Crimea. Winter on the Peninsula will be warm.

Last year the first snow in the Crimea were recorded at the end of October.

As previously reported, the snow surprised the Ukrainians in September, not only in the Carpathian mountains, where, in principle, is a common phenomenon. In the network appeared a photo of another Ukrainian city, who had been watching the unusual rainfall for the beginning of autumn.

So, in social networks showed pictures from Slavyansk, Donetsk region. To the surprise of local residents, on September 21 here, the snow fell. Published in network footage shows that the snow here has fallen quite a bit, but the very fact of its existence is clearly visible.

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In addition, in the village Melekino at Mariupol as the snow fell. Residents of the resort village reported that unusual for September natural phenomenon was accompanied by hail, photo published by local journalists.

Precipitation was little and it was short-lived. Like the inhabitants of the Azov sea have not watched.

Also earlier it was reported that the first days of autumn never cease to amaze us this winter weather. On the eve of Ukraine sharply colder, frosts came, and in the Carpathian mountains the first snow fell.

In the Carpathian mountains it got cold and started to SnagIt. This writes the Montenegrin search and rescue post on his page on the social network Facebook.

Зима ворвалась в Украину вопреки прогнозу синоптиков: красноречивые кадры

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