Winnipeg fished Shayne Gauthier

shayne-gauthier-devenu-premier-joueurThe evening was long and stressful for Shayne Gauthier, but linebacker became the first player from Dolbeau-Mistassini to be drafted by a team of the Canadian Football League. It is now up to the Winnipeg Blue Bombers who selected in the fourth round, 28th overall.

Shayne Gauthier lived the moment with his gang at Le Spectrum. They were a hundred relatives and friends excited early in the draft even if the local hero did not provide out before the third round. Upon his arrival at 19h, her nervousness was palpable. Throughout the draft, he constantly monitored his cell.

“It’s terrible,” said he launched during a short interview about his just state of mind before the Riders of Saskatchewan announced the first choice, the Ontario offensive lineman who Josiah St. John moving in the NCAA with the Oklahoma Sooners.

“It should start to be really annoying from the third round, but you never know. I do not make me too many expectations because it is not a party to be disappointed. I just want to go out to belong to a team and have a chance to participate in a training camp, “dropping Shayne Gauthier who had received a call from the Montreal Alouettes in the afternoon.

To pass the time, the Dolmissois attentively followed what was going on with his other teammates Rouge et Or also eligible, three of which were selected in the first round.

He expected that the lineman Charles Vaillancourt offensive either choice Alouettes in 2nd place, but they opted for another member of the line of Laval, Philippe Gagnon. It was a first time for celebration for Shayne Gauthier who had still more to come in the evening. The place exploded when he received the magic thread, teaching him the good news just before 21h.

“It’s amazing, I do not have words seriously. I am really happy. I’ll have my chance. Winnipeg also is one of the teams that I most loved in an interview. I was really happy when they called me, “dropping Shayne Gauthier after taking the time to go around the bar and receive congratulations from all those who were displaced.

He confessed all the same have found the long evening, but at least it ended nicely. “The 3-4-5 rounds, it’s wrong that I expect to go out and this is what happened. I’m glad. It’ll be a nice evening, “to summarize Shayne Gauthier, overthrown by the amount of messages he received after his selection.

“I will say that this is one of my best evenings for many years.”

For parents Shayne Gauthier, Patrice Gauthier and Marie-Anne Charbonneau, Tuesday night was the culmination of many years of effort to their son, but also many sacrifices for them.

“It’s been 12 years that follows. He left home at 14 years and we never missed a game. Our trip south, it was the beginning of the football season for us, “summarize the paternal. The couple still lives in the village where their son, St. Margaret Mary, where Gauthier is still attached.

The parents began to believe the chances of being drafted linebacker in his second university season, when he began to dominate at this level. “At first, his dream was to play with the University Laval. He has done brilliantly and, being named best defensive player twice the same result if it is not the biggest. There he was drafted and more in the fourth round. You can not ask for more and it will show them that it is a real good football player, “ensure Patrice Gauthier, believing that the situation would be ideal for Shayne in Winnipeg with the current alignment.

Nevertheless, their son is found much farther from Quebec. But they still find a way to follow him closely.

“My girlfriend is a little afraid of flying, but I for sure that I will go,” to ensure Patrice Gauthier with a smile.

The real work begins
Shayne Gauthier now belongs to a team, but its place is not assured. The Dolmissois is very aware.

The number 44 of the Rouge et Or could return with Laval University for a fifth season if he does not place in Winnipeg, but that’s not the plan he has in mind. He intends to earn a spot in his first professional camp with the Blue Bombers and will put enough effort by training camp. “I return to Quebec tomorrow (Wednesday) to train and get ready for camp. It’ll be three very intense weeks. We celebrate tonight, but tomorrow it’s back to work, “to entrust the athlete with long hair that was not of the same opinion as his father on the situation in line with the Blue Bombers.

“I do not see it like that. We need you to do your evidence to the camp. I am invited to camp, now I have to show what I have to do, but I’ll be ready, “promised Shayne Gauthier.

Blueberries in the CFL
Shayne Gauthier became only the sixth player from the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean since 1995 to be drafted by a team of the Canadian Football League. Here are the other.

Sylvain Girard in 1999, 1st round receiver (5th) Montreal

1999 Éric Lapointe, third round carrier (20th) Edmonton

2002 François Boulianne, offensive line 2nd round (15th) Saskatchewan

2004 Martin Gagnon, defensive back 5th round (44th) Edmonton

2014 David Ménard, defensive lineman 4th round (32nd) British Columbia *

* Always active with the Lions

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