Wine Festival: fun and happiness before the heat

porte-parole-festival-vins-saguenay“We’ll have fun, we’ll drink wine!” Under this unofficial slogan that the butler and spokesman Saguenay Wine Festival, Philippe Lapeyrie, launched the 10th edition of the event on Thursday night as part of a 5-7 at the Place du Citoyen de Chicoutimi.

The editor of the Daily and Progress-Sunday, Denis Bouchard, said that the festival was to be only a way to liven up the Rue Racine, before becoming the major event it is today.

Although the sun and heat have forgotten the appointment, wine lovers, themselves, did not hide their pleasure. Under the black structure of the site, nearly 400 people have discovered the wines of Alsace, loudly discussing … under the warm rays of the heater lamps terraces. An excellent idea of ​​the organization that made the whims of Mother Nature more than tolerable.

“Tomorrow (Friday), it’ll be great,” promises Philip Lapeyrie.

The voluble and energetic journalist was visibly excited to be back in Saguenay for the festival. He recalled that more than 400 wines are offered for tasting Friday and Saturday.

“You have to come talk to producers. Take a glass of wine with Brigitte Jeanjean once in his life! The girls will also derail seeing Armin Grassa. This guy over a thousand hectares of vineyards! ”

“The exhibitors present are simple people, approachable. Basically, they are gardeners. They have a nice approach, something to give and are happy to be there, “says Mr. Lapeyrie without taking a breath.

The latter was particularly happy to (re) discover the wines of Alsace, on Thursday night.

“It’s a globally recognized area, he recalls. People often have a wrong idea of ​​these wines, it is a sweet wine. Those who believe this have not tasted the wine. We must go beyond the sugar, “promises the sommelier, who all started in this region of France.

“I was hooked and never emerged arm!”


More than 45,000 people are expected Friday and Saturday. Saturday night, a “big show” is expected, with the greatest Alsace wine toast in the world and the provision of Karim Ouellet to close the business.

If the weather was spoiling for either days, the event would move down from the Racine Street in the Port area shed. A formula that has proven itself in the past. “We have Plan A and Plan B, said Marc Simard, one of the organizers of the event. Call it a luxury B plan! ”

Anyway, the organizers are confident to aim once again spot on. “Tomorrow (Friday) we expect a tidal wave of good living. Happy people, with one hand in the cup of wine, “concluded Philippe smiling Lapeyrie, who did not hesitate to praise the charms of the region and its inhabitants.

“I was surprised to see the magnitude of the event”

Discussions were underway Thursday night at the 5-7 launch Saguenay Wine Festival, witness the fun that people have to come back year after year, for 10 years already.

“I think that six months ahead!”, Launched without detour Richard Turcotte radio host.

“I fell in love with the place, with people instead. I have made friends here. We follow on Facebook, we share wine suggestions. (…) I’m really excited, “says one who considers Route 175 as” the most beautiful road in Quebec. ”

For his part, Denis Bouchard, the editor of the Daily and Progress-Sunday, partner of the event, recalled the humble beginnings of the festival that has grown thanks to the vision of the organizers.

“If a festival can age well is that of wine. (…) At the time, the goal was to liven up the Rue Racine. We are extremely proud to be the host of the event today, “expressed Denis Bouchard.

The wine before Euro

The 5-7 Thursday fell even as the France disputed the semifinals of Euro 2016 in Germany. Nevertheless, several Cousins ​​were in office, smiling. The number, Armin Grassa, the Domaine du Tariquet seemed only regret heat.

“When I went to France and I took out my jacket, everyone made fun of me,” he laughs.

The man is in his first visit to Saguenay ground. It will offer the entire product range of Domaine du Tariquet, all available at the SAQ.

“I thought I was dealing with a 10,000 festival or 15,000 people. I was surprised to see the magnitude of the event and the numbers that were developed (45 000 visitors, according to the organization), “says Grassa.

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