Wind power has recognized the threat to the environment

This is the conclusion reached by scientists at Harvard University.

Вітряні електростанції визнали небезпечними для екології

To such conclusion scientists from Harvard University, and they did not take into account the previous concerns of independent researchers about the numerous windmills that kill birds and spoil the appearance of the planet, informs Rus.Media.

All this stuff, writes one of the authors of this study from Harvard Lee Miller, compared to the fact that wind turbines disrupt the natural cooling of the Earth (high windmills, built in huge quantities on the sea coast, for example, slow down and even redirect the flow of moist air, thus violating a well-established, perhaps thousands of years the rate of sea moisture along Parallels and meridians), thereby contributing to global warming on the planet, which allegedly are fighting the supporters of renewable energy. In fact, it turns out the opposite is true, moreover, remains to be seen, some natural consequences, and hence the disasters that can cause such human intervention in the natural course of things.

The findings of the Harvard scientists immediately criticized by many scientists around the world. But what is interesting to this discussion immediately joined and conspiracy theorists who remembered that the powers that be, have placed humanity on oil and gas needle still did not show any concern for the development of green energy, whether solar or vetrogeneratory “euphoria”, but instantly destroy any inventions that are dangerous to their power, for example, inventions of Tesla. Is vetrogeneratory has reached such a level that began to threaten the oil and gas tycoons?..

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On the other hand, we have already mentioned that a researcher from Yakutia Anatoly Comcom believes that windmills and solar panels – it’s all a pastime, a pastime for the wealthy or, more likely, the diversion of public attention from the real problems in the energy sector. He suggested alternative energy – receive it using a portable nuclear generator. And such inventors as Comcom, which are cheap and almost eternal sources of energy, and not harming the environment a lot. But… such kulibinyh at best ridiculed, at worst be removed (or just silence).

It is therefore possible, according to the supporters of the world conspiracy that the criticism from the Orthodox conclusions of the Harvard researchers is an attempt to prevent mankind to discover the truth at the present “green energy” which, at best, ineffective (almost empty), at worst, as demonstrated staff at Harvard University – brings tremendous harm to our planet…

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